The Digitalization of Public Relations

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Fostering the relationship between the press and the public is a very useful way to improve the positioning and visibility of your brand.

The Digitalization of Public Relations

The concept of public relations was already vital in any organization before the digitalization made an appearance. And, the construction of a solid relationship between the press and the public is a very useful way to improve the positioning and visibility of your brand. This, accompanied by the improvement of the value and reputation of the same, will increase the profitability that it will be bought or preferred over others.

We are not going to lie, we live in the SEO world and getting links to your website to improve your authority is important. But at INNN we believe that public relations, in this case with the press, is much more than that, it is also covered. It is true that the crisis in the media is there and does not seem to improve, but they still have a vital importance for access to information for the population. In addition, the fact of having changed the paper on the screen gives the advantage that this news can be disseminated on social networks and reach a much wider audience.

The traditional media still have a great ancestry among the public. | INNN

Who Am I Addressing?

Once you are clear about the message you want to address it to the target audience that you are interested in, it is time to establish a search for media, companies, schools, etc. In which to appear. Mainly there must be three:

  1. Generalist Media: a good idea is to start at the local level, with the aim of turning the company into a reference for the sector in the province. Once achieved, expand nationally.
  2. Specialized Media: especially in the sector to which the company belongs, but also in others which you have experience, for example. thanks to customers.
  3. Business Schools: these entities usually organize events to which it is very advisable to attend, to conduct networking and give them visibility in social networks. The idea is to be able to contact the organizers and be a protagonist in them, either as speakers, in roundtables. etc.

Building communication channels with the press or companies is undoubtedly the main problem of public relations. The most common is to send emails to the newsrooms, but most likely they are not read or end up in the SPAM folder. Establishing more direct contact is key, either through telephone calls or with tools such as Linkedin, and from there to establish meetings with journalists or heads-up. When they occur, a good idea is to bring something ready.

Establishing Ways of Collaboration

When building links with the media, there are different types of content that may be interesting to publish. Obviously, depending on the activity of the company, they will be more interested in each other. At INNN, as a marketing and advertising agency. we have some ideas:

1. Specialized Articles

Topics of interest, trends, things that will be discussed in 2019…

  • SEO-oriented, with illustrative graphic material, using sources, references and real examples
  • In the case of addressing local media, they apply to the closest context.
  • Adapted to the tone and style of the medium.

2. Interviews

Offer an expert opinion within the sector with the aim that they can illustrate their news.

3. Own Projects

In INNN there are success stories to tell. Press releases of relevant projects are often interest to the media, including:

  • Important clients for the media
  • Reference works for the sector
  • More detailed internal reports

4. Data, Material and Support Information

Offering to build reports and news is another opportunity to be well received. For example, supplying images, video clips, audio and video totals, etc.

Monitoring your activity is key to improving the reputation of your brand. | INNN

Digital Tools for Public Relations

Once the actions in the press and public relations department have a considerable frequency, the task of monitoring the results come into play. To collect all press appearances, it is ideal to carry out a monthly clipping that indicates the reputation of the brand in society. In addition, it will help to prevent possible communication crises, to know better the actions of the competition and to locate your brand in the sector with respect to it.

Not many years ago, performing a clipping was a very laborious task that had to be done manually. Nowadays, with tools like Coverage Book is very simple. On the other hand, there are other tools that can also be of great help in the day to day of a public relations department:

  • First, organizeEvernote and Trello will help you to collect all your personal information (notes, meetings, deliveries…) and to know in what state your tasks are.
  • Find quality content. Whether you need topics that are the trend at that moment, or if you need a large volume of information to make a report, tools like FeedlyFlipboard or PaperOak are very useful.
  • Share content with the media. The size or weight of the files is no longer a problem. You can create shared documents with your recipients using Drive or share very large files with Gofile.
  • Do not forget to monitor. Leaving aside the clippings, there are tools that monitor your brand or the keywords you want. Google Alerts or Social Mention and Buzz Monitor for social networks are some tools to consider.

Do you want us to launch a communication plan for your company? Contact us and we will work so that the values and identity of your brand reach your customers.