The Email and SMS Conversion Strategy You Need in 2020

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Mike Stoychev (CEO of SMSBump) and Joshua Chin (CEO and Co-Founder of Chronos Agency) talk about how SMS and Email Marketing can work together towards success.

As we continue our journey to success into the new decade, we forged a new and long-awaited partnership. SMSBump officially announced this exciting new partnership with Chronos Agency on their website. This is of course only the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming this 2020.

And what better way to celebrate this coming together of SMS and Email Marketing than by releasing a lunch and learning podcast titled “Our $831k week: How to replicate this success with Email and SMS this Valentine’s Day.”

That’s right! Listen in on a special and insightful conversation between Mike Stoychev (CEO of SMSBump) and our very own Joshua Chin (CEO and Co-Founder of Chronos Agency) about how SMS and Email Marketing can come together as one, on the ongoing journey towards success.

What started out as a 30-minute discussion grew into an enthusiastic conversation on how these two marketing channels and complement one another in the field of eCommerce. Released on January 8th, Mike and Josh went on an intellectual journey talking about replicating the success they had during Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) 2019 in preparation for 2020’s Valentine’s Day season using SMS and email marketing.

You Can Have the Best of Both Worlds 

“SMS is like a billboard everyone will see” — Mike Stoychev, CEO and co-founder of SMSBump

While email marketing and SMS have their differences, it is these differences that—when utilized and timed correctly—can create a killer combination of marketing when fine-tuning your customer journey experience.

Email marketing specializes in building brand image and establishing engaging and complex information to your customers. While for SMS marketing, it specializes in getting a quick message across and trigger instantaneous action.

Best of all, both email marketing and SMS marketing share one great advantage compared to other marketing mediums—AUTOMATION!

Automation is every marketer’s and business owner’s best friend when it comes to making tasks like segmenting, tracking, analyzing and perfecting your overall marketing strategy more hands-off and dynamic in quality. This, in turn, frees up time for you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Email marketing and SMS should, by no means, be seen as two competing forces. But rather, as these two forces moving in the same direction all while complementing each other on their journey. As Josh mentions:

“You’re getting in touch with your customers on not just one channel but two potential channels … they might miss out on email but they will definitely not miss out on SMS”— Josh Chin, CEO of Chronos Agency. 

They’re the Same, but Still Different

One key point that both CEOs were quick to bring up was: Keep your customer email and SMS lists separate.

While you can create a seamless design where both email and SMS can work as one under one brand, you must still keep each channel mutually exclusive.

Because while someone is onboard the whole email marketing gig, that doesn’t mean they would immediately feel the same for SMS marketing.

“Don’t assume that once your customers are signed up for email marketing are also signed up for SMS marketing which is a very common mistake.”— Mike Stoychev, SMSBump. 

This podcast is only a brief introduction to the countless opportunities this newfound partnership between Chronos and SMSBump can open up and reach for. This will be the year where email marketing and SMS break boundaries and expectations as owned marketing takes center stage in 2020!

Josh and Mike expound on how you can get a better idea of your customers’ preferences to outline the best-personalized strategy by fully utilizing the advantages of both email and SMS marketing throughout your customer journey.

Unleash the best of your strategies this 2020 with email and SMS and replicate the success we achieved from BFCM 2019. The best part: This strategy Mike and Josh discuss is applicable to ANY holiday campaign, so try it out while the year is still young!

We’re keen to share more updates to come, but just in case you missed out on the presentation, check it out here!

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