The Facebook Ad-Mageddon—How Ecommerce Brands Can Rise From the Ashes of Rejected Facebook Ads

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The changes made in Facebook’s Ad Policy this 2019 have eCommerce brands struggling to save and maintain their ads on the social media platform.

A change in the Facebook Ad Policy shook the eCommerce community on Facebook. There was a sudden surge of advertising campaigns being rejected, Facebook ads being rejected, and even advertising accounts being deactivated. It was Facebook Ad-mageddon at its worst.

This remains to be a huge blow to many marketers since Facebook has over 2 billion active users monthly. This means there are billions of people who can see ads of eCommerce brands on their feeds regularly.

Not only that, but Facebook gets a lot of data from its users—age, location, jobs, educational background, and interests. It’s this kind of information eCommerce brands need and use when aligning and further optimizing their marketing strategies to best fit their target audiences.

But other than general customer information, running ads on Facebook can provide online brands with many more benefits as well.

Facebook Ads are a Great Investment

Back in 2018, Facebook earned $55 billion in advertising revenue. But what about what businesses get in return? Well, according to 30% of marketers, Facebook ads give them higher ROIs compared to other ad platforms.

And while the ROI is good, Facebook—as a social media platform—acts as a sort of launching pad for eCommerce businesses looking to expand and solidify their eCommerce brand’s online presence.

How does it help with online presence? Well, you can remarket to customers who have previously interacted with your brand. This helps remind your target customers of your brand’s existence outside your website.

Facebook ads are also all about promotion. Scaling your content promotion means casting a wide net over a large collection of potential customers. And as mentioned earlier, Facebook sees billions of users online. That’s a lot of customer opportunities.

Another key benefit here is encouraging customer loyalty. Social media is a great place for engaging with your target customers since it’s all about communication. Customer engagement means giving your customers more value and showing them your brand’s more human side.

So not only do Facebook ad campaigns provide lucrative value with great ROI, but they also give practical value. They help you reach out to large swaths of potential customers for building your eCommerce brand’s online presence.

How Do Rejected Facebook Ads Affect eCommerce Brands?

Facebook actually drives the most traffic to eCommerce sites, compared to other social media channels. Rejected Facebook Ads mean less reach and fewer impressions. Yes, you can always continue creating great content, but here’s the harsh reality.

While organic posts are always good for extending your reach, they reach only 5.5% of your Page followers. That’s why marketers continue using a combination of tools like messenger bots, stories, influencers, and of course, paid ads.

Thankfully, the digital world provides businesses with a lot of advertising and marketing options. Given the fact that the end of Facebook Ad-mageddon remains to be a mystery, it’s time to branch out and diversify your marketing efforts.

So What can eCommerce Brands Do if These Facebook Ad Rejections Continue?

Yes, there’s a number of steps you can take to save and defend your Facebook ads. However, you might end up spending too much time on them, and still end up back at square one.

So when Facebook Ads continue to be rejected, what are your options?

To answer that, here’s a question for you. What’s one thing all Facebook users have in common? The answer—an email address. Yes, if all else fails, email marketing is your next best strategy. And guess what? Actually, it’s your best strategy. It’s a proven fact that email marketing can generate more ROI for your business compared to social media.

An eMarketer study has found that the median Return of Interest (ROI) for US marketers using email was 122%. That’s 4 times higher in ROI than any other digital marketing channel!

Basically, investing in the right email marketing strategy can really help you recover from the struggle of your Facebook ads being rejected.

Are you worried about the more than 2 billion user population on Facebook? Remember, every online account has an email address. And there are more websites across the internet with online accounts other than Facebook.

Okay, but what about Facebook’s targeted ads? Don’t worry! Email marketing is a super versatile tool, and personalization just so happens to be one of its specialties. The amount of control you have over how your emails would look and feel maximizes engagement with your target customers.

As for customer data, customers who visit your site can provide all the data you need. Plus, you can gain more relevant data. Why? Well, customers who visit your site already show that they’re interested in your brand compared to the more general hit-or-miss selection of customers in social media.

Here’s the Bottom Line: It’s Time to Go Back to Basics

If you’re currently concentrating on Facebook ads as your primary marketing channel, take this as your wake up call. Social media and email marketing actually make a really great pair, but when one goes down, it’s the other who needs to step up and take over. Email marketing has been tried and tested with time.

So if you’re looking for a fix for this revenue bump from the rejected Facebook ads, here it is. Redirect your efforts to your email marketing strategy and you’ll see.