The Importance of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in Digital Marketing

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Social media platforms are the most powerful marketing tools when it comes to digital marketing of your brand, business and website.

It is not enough to have a brand. To make sure that your brand reaches the audience and potential customers it is very important that you include social media platforms in your digital strategy and hire the right digital marketing services provider who can provide the right social media marketing campaign for your brand.

Digital marketing is a very big concept and it makes sure that your brand reaches where it deserves to be. As awareness of your brand grows among your audience this will automatically draw more online traffic to your website. Once there is traffic on your website there will be a boost in your business. It is very important to know how digital marketing works. Digital marketing works by promotion and promoting your brand through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is the way to go in this digital age.

It is a digital age. Now it is not possible for you to start shouting at a crowd saying “hey, hello I have a brand” “I am starting this business” “please buy products from me” you can’t do these things in public but you can do these things on social media sites.

Let’s start with Instagram.


When Instagram was launched people thought that it would not last long. It was just a photo sharing site when it was launched but now, look at it.

Now people are promoting their brand here, doing affiliate marketing and earning a hell amount of money. It is very simple to promote your brand through Instagram. Start a page, introduce the features of your brand, give merchandises at an affordable cost and you are good to go.


Facebook works the same way. It is the biggest social networking platform and millions of brands are getting recognition through this amazing social networking platform. To make sure that your brand reaches the right audience and potential customers it is important that you make a page. Just make a page of your brand and start posting. Although you would be required to pay to get your marketing campaign underway, but the ROI you will get is going to be worth the investment. Once more and more people start liking your page you can be certain that you are drawing potential customers.


Twitter was another platform which people thought wouldn’t last very long. It was quite boring at the very start. People found it difficult to compose a tweet but now look at it, even Donald Trump tweets his heart out. Not just Donald Trump, many businessman and entrepreneurs use this platform to market their brands and website.

Not only that, all of these social media platforms are the go-to places to find the right social media influencers for your brand who will market your brand in the right way and to the most relevant audience.

You can make use of Twitter to make sure that your brand reaches the potential customers and audiences.

Nowadays, Digital Marketing is very easy because we have amazing social networking platforms available. If you want to make sure that you are promoting your brand right then it is important that you utilize these social media platforms completely.