The Latest Social Media Features You Should Know About

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What are the newest and most important Social Media features you need to know about? We’ve got you covered!

Our favourite tips below are in BOLD, so you can see what we’ll be implementing on our own channels in the coming weeks!


Useful Instagram’s Features for Businesses


What’s New on Facebook for Business

  • Schedule and post stories on Facebook AND Instagram
  • A new, dedicated business newsfeed
  • Facebook Live Shopping Fridays
  • What you need to know about Facebook for business


New Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business

  • Cover Story: Once you add your Cover Story, an orange ring will appear around your profile photo, and a preview of your video will auto-play silently within your photo frame. This is especially helpful for personal CEO business accounts. See how Tara is using this feature.
  • Control Viewing & Comments: Users have the power to change permissions on individual posts
  • Creator Mode: Creator mode allows you to identify hashtags that highlight the topics you post about the most. Creator mode also lets you share your take on what’s happening in the news.
  • Carousel Posts: LinkedIn documents can be previewed in a scrollable format, making them a perfect cheat-code for brands and businesses looking to share dynamic, engaging galleries of images on the platform.
  • Later, our favourite social media scheduling tool now offers scheduling for LinkedIn with their newest plans.

Want to make the most of your LinkedIn presence? Check out these new ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.


Are Businesses Still Using Twitter?

  • We may go back to dabbling on the platform with their newly announced “Spaces” feature. Spaces will have the same function as Clubhouse but hosted on Twitter.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the most important social media trends to know about!


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