The Necessary Features You Need For Your eLearning Website

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Websites like Udemy have been the center of attention for a lot of users, and the reason for this is the fact that these websites provide free education to anyone anywhere. Such eLearning websites have been a blessing for those who find themselves unable to go to schools and universities to acquire appropriate education.

There are many websites like Udemy online, and the market for these websites are surely getting crowded. And if you are thinking about entering this market with your own educational website, then you have to make sure not only it is robustly built, but also feature-rich. With the right features, you can ensure that it succeeds in the competitive market.

So what features do you need to make a website like Udemy? Let’s look at the core features that are absolute necessities in the making of an eLearning website.

Account Creation and Profile Management

First thing first, for your eLearning website like Udemy, you would need account creation and profile management. With these features, the users would be able to create and manage their accounts, fill in all the necessary details, manage their courses and many more.

Remember that your eLearning website is going to be made up of two types of users, the students and the instructors or the teachers. The students are the users who are going to enroll in the various courses and learn from them, while the instructors are the ones who will be uploading various types of courses on the platform. Both these accounts are going to be used for vastly different reasons. So make sure that there are two different options for making accounts when the user is signing up on the website for the first time.

Once the user has signed up and created their accounts,  they should be able to manage their details. These details can range from their names, email addresses, and region to their profession, etc. They should be able to manage their courses right from the profile. The account creation and profile management feature are the most important for an eLearning website so don’t forget to integrate it.

Search and Filtering

If there’s one thing the user is going to do on the profile, it is going to search for the right course. To find the course that they need, they would have to perform a search action and that’s why you would need a search and filter feature on your platform.

eLearning websites such as Udemy support a robust search and filtering systems that help the users to find the perfect course for them without much hassle. The user should be able to filter courses by cost, length, ratings, subject, etc. without the search and filtering feature, they would have a hard time finding any kind of courses on the platform, which will make it harder to use.


The recommendation feature is extremely important for discovering new courses. Using machine learning, you can build a recommendation feature on your website that will recommend newer courses to the users based on the courses they have already enrolled in.

The recommendation feature not only helps the users to find new courses but also helps you to keep them hooked to your platform. Continuously updating the recommendations will keep the users interested and in the loop about the new courses being uploaded on the platform.


With the tag feature, the instructors would be able to tag their courses with a specific tag so that searching for those courses becomes easier. The users too can follow those tags to find the courses easily.

Not only search for the tags, but users should also be able to follow those tags to automatically get informed about new courses uploaded for that tag. The tag features make it even easier to find and follow new courses, or instructors.

Easy Payment

Some aspects of an eLearning website require the users to make payments. Whether it is buying a course, or paying for the certificate, they would need to make payment and for that, you need an easy payment option.

Online payment has come a long way. With payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe, the users can perform online payments without any problems. However, you need to make sure that the online payment gateways are secured and there’s no chance of data theft. Not securing the online payment option might lead to the user’s payment data being stolen, which ultimately gives your platform a bad reputation.

Course Creation

This one is specifically for the instructor profile. The instructor would sign up on your platform to upload courses and for that, they need a course creation feature. With the course creation and updates feature, the instructors would be able to upload and update their courses without any problems.


The dashboard feature undoubtedly is one of the more important features for the instructor profile. This is the center to observe all the action. From here they would be able to check out how their courses are doing, how many users are engaging with their courses, how much they are earning through their courses and many more.

Without the dashboard feature, the instructors would have a hard time to keep us with all the engagements their profile is having with all the users. Make sure that the dashboard feature is enabled for the instructors and they can manage all the action right from the dashboard.

Wrapping Up

The market for eLearning websites like Udemy is already crowded and it is not going to be easy to make it into the market. However, if you are thinking about building your very own Udemy like website, then you have to focus on the features as much as the build and the design of the website. When looking for solutions for how to make a Udemy like website, make sure that you find out what more features you need to integrate on the website to make it successful.