The Powerful Future of Video Marketing & Why Your Business Needs It

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If you’re a business owner and not convinced that video is the least of your concerns, here are some eye-opening trends to show where video is truly headed.

Video has come a long way over the last few years. With faster Internet connection, improved technology and communities built on popular sites like YouTube, more people are embracing video, and some are preferring it over traditional content. Many businesses, however, are still slow to implement video content and video marketing into their digital marketing strategy.

If you’re a business owner that’s not convinced that video is important or is the least of your concerns, here are some eye-opening trends that provide important clues as to where video is headed. See why data indicates now is the time to invest in video content and marketing to truly optimize your digital presence.

Live Video is Growing

According to Livestream, 80 percent of brand audiences prefer watching live video over a regular blog post. It’s important to keep in mind that these users are not just entertainment seekers, these are users that follow their favorite brands online. Streaming live video sessions can help you enhance the relationships you have with your audience. This trend is also being supported by social media channels like Facebook and Instagram where live video streaming is becoming more popular.

Videos Boost Conversions

Videos can enhance your marketing strategy by increasing lead and sales conversion rates in a creative way. For example, video testimonials can add another layer of credibility for selling products and services. Video product demonstrations on eCommerce sites can help consumers better understand how products work, which in turn will encourage more purchases. It can also be a valuable component of your paid ad campaign. As a matter of fact, it’s been found that adding videos on landing page can boost conversions by 80 percent or more.

Using Video to Extend Your Reach

Creating video content is a great way to extend your reach to audiences that may not have heard about you. With videos, you can start getting visibility on YouTube and Facebook. Videos also work very well with other channels if you’re trying to grow your brand.

For instance, Porsche recently executed a branding strategy that combined social media, videos, and streaming online radio stations. This was a way for them to shake up the perception of the brand and to reach a new generation of customers.

Videos Support Existing Marketing Strategies

Some business owners might be hesitant to get into video because they already have their hands full with their current marketing strategy. But video can be a great supplement to many channels. For instance, it was shown that video can result in a 157 percent improvement in search engine traffic. Social media and content marketing campaigns can also benefit from videos. Videos tend to result in 12 times more shares and distribution.

Videos Simply Drive Engagement

If you want your audience to pay attention to your message, you want to use video. Emails that included video saw lifts in clickthrough rates. Blogs that incorporate video content receive more inbound links compared to regular blogs. Users spend more time on sites with videos than those without. In an age where everyone is fighting to win the attention of consumers, videos can give you a chance to stand out and engage your target audience.

It’s Time to Integrate Video into Your Marketing Efforts

Video content is continuing to become more popular. Users demand more videos on social media, go to sites like YouTube for their daily dose of content, and are more connected with brands that publish video content. Video will only keep growing and you’ll want to make sure that you implement it into your business strategy before your competitors do.

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