The Reason Why Content Is so Important for Your Website

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There is no doubt that the content of a website is crucial for attracting potential customers.

There is no doubt that the content of a website is crucial for attracting potential customers. Ask anyone to name a brand they admire and you will definitely hear about Red Bull. We are all aware of big brands like Redbull, which perhaps is the ‘king’ of content marketing.

Red Bull likes to fascinate and so it did. They did what no one did it before. Red bull let a man jump from space to earth. Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the stratosphere was witnessed by everyone across the globe, breaking the record for highest-ever jump and being the first person to break the sound barrier during freefall is a huge success story. YouTube live stream broke and has reached a massive audience whereby the can exemplify their “red bull gives you wings motto’’. This is one of the most prominent success stories of content marketing. It is their content that will more likely to feel engaged and willing to listen to red bull’s message.

A recent survey asked 600 marketing professionals what they thought were the most important digital marketing trends. Content marketing was the number one with 29.6% answers ahead of others topics like big data (14.6%),
marketing automation (12.8%), mobile marketing (11%) and social media marketing (8.9%). Other research found that 63% of companies say posting on social media increased their market effectiveness.

Communicating with customers is now easier than ever, with multiple platforms to advertise products or services and respond to queries, but still, there is a need to put effort into encouraging those customers to visit your site in the first place.

Content marketing when performed effectively can be a highly effective tool in gaining new customers and retaining them. If a business owner who is new to digital marketing and looking for innovative ways to connect with today’s digital customer, there definitely there is a need to be familiar with the content.

Most of us are familiar with SEO or Search Engine Optimization and how it can be used in conjunction with a content marketing strategy. Big search engines like Google and Yahoo rely on high quality and up-to-date content and if that is not produced then a product or service may not be found.

Another brand Toshiba excelled really well in content marketing. Though content marketing is viewed as B2C marketing strategy, Toshiba has proved that it can also B2B brands generate new clients across the globe.

Toshiba created a ‘’smart community’’ in 2011 to promote awareness of its renewable energy solutions. They optimized their platform for the keyword ‘’smart community’’ and invested in a massive SEO campaign to boost their rankings. Their campaign was successful and generated 160,000 LinkedIn followers.

Targeting a high traffic keyword can prove to be a great way to boost a content marketing strategy. No doubt there is a need to invest a lot of resources in SEO, but the results will likely to pay for themselves.

With limited resources, a small business can benefit the most with content marketing, although the big brands are investing more in it. Big brands like Coca-Cola and IBM have divisions taking care of their marketing strategies.