The Shape of Sounds – 3D Graphics Design

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Audio waves visualisation interprets ambient, chill, jazz and classical music. The graphic design smoothly corresponds with mood, tones and tempo.

Visual representation of audio waves is an artistic concept that inspired Magdalena Sykulska-Solecka (MAYS) – a Polish artist and PhD at The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her idea was to show how one type of waves (sounds) could be interpreted by different types of waves (images). In other words, one could chiefly say the artistic vision aimed here at “seeing sounds”.

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Wave After Wave

We were asked to bring this rather bold idea to life. From a technical point of view, such a project was surely a challenge we were eager to tackle. The sounds we were to display as ever-morphing waves would come from ambient, chill, jazz, or classical music. Of course, our 3D graphic design had to correspond with mood, tones, and tempo of the music being played. What is more, it had to be possible to render these animations in real-time, so that one could play any song he or she wishes without any pre-setups or tech knowledge whatsoever. Just push the button and enjoy. While working on the project we used TouchDesigner, a handy tool that helps to visualise data flow through each step of the process and get instant feedback.

From Home to Stage

We are very pleased with the final results. The sound visualisation looks “alive”, creative and can be easily adapted to far more music genres. The initial use case was to deliver a nice interior design feature for walls in a high-end apartment but this project can be applied in many more spaces and for various occasions. Music bars, hotel lobbies, concept restaurants, cultural venues, as well as live concerts or any kind of events, you name it. The possibilities are endless. The only thing that limits us is our imagination. Watch the video here:


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