The Spectacular Ways That AI Is Capturing Public Attention

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Did you know some of the things that artificial intelligence has created? We’ve compiled a few of them and we invite you to meet together some impressive ideas.

Today, AI may be part of every smartphone user’s life, but marketers now dare to surprise the audience with the aid of machine learning tools and some impressive ideas. Let’s check them out!

The Wow Projects That Put AI in the Spotlight

AI has been subject to some surprising marketing initiatives recently.


Forget Wall-E, now there’s DALL-E, the next best painter among technologists. The tech research and deployment company OpenAI has created a robot that transforms text into art. Each digital painting is unique and can be edited through natural language.

Microsoft has announced that it will package DALL-E 2 into the Microsoft Designer app and Image Creator.


The German Modern Recordings label, a professor from Rutgers University, and the Playform AI startup have joined hands and created, together with machinery, Beethoven’s 10th symphony, based on the few notes that the composer has left for the world.

Who came up with the idea? Telekom from Germany, a company that wanted to uniquely celebrate 250 years since the composer was born.


Recently, Steve Jobs has given a 20-minute interview with Joe Regan in an audio-only podcast. How was this possible? platform has developed the Steve Jobs character based on artificial intelligence.

The digital tool was trained on the tech entrepreneur’s biography and learned to develop his answers on all recordings of him speaking available online.


You may have recently read a news article in English and thought it was well-written. However, was it developed by a human being?

There already are tech-generated articles and they even have authors. Washington Post uses Heliograf, Bloomberg has Cyborg, and Bertie is the Content Management System of Forbes. However, there are other story-generating robots on websites such as The Guardian, Associated Press, and Reuters.


One of the most common uses of intelligent tech tools in marketing is generating chatbots. Many of them have limitations and only target a few questions and topics. However, there already are bots that are globally famous for managing to develop naturally-looking conversations.

The brands that made the charts here are Fandango, Sephora, National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, and James Patterson “The Chef” Short Story, just to name a few. Locally, chatbots are already used as the main tools in marketing projects. A Romanian online fashion store has developed a discount campaign based on sending messages and receiving a discount code from a chatbot.

How Big is Artificial Intelligence In Everyone’s Life?

Tech users interact with artificial intelligence every day, maybe a few times. You open your smartphone and use a search engine with text or an image. A brand says “hello”. You open a smart air conditioner or drive a car with autonomous tools. You might even ask Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant a question. These are some of the common uses of AI that often improve our lives.

What is the future of AI? The spending on such solutions will double by 2025 only in the United States, according to International Data Corporation.

Marketing will improve its targeting, and analysis of user behavior and even have a much closer relationship with customers, thanks to smart tools. AI will be an active part of marketers’ work and even improve their workflow. However, the human eye and creativity cannot be fully replaced. As experts say, art-generating tools will not replace graphic designers, since Canva didn’t.