The Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics

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Is Google Analytics good enough to help you boost your digital marketing performance? We will find out here!

Understanding your audience is the key to marketing success!

As you plunge into the pool of marketing ideas or strategies – it becomes all the more important to know where your audience is coming from, what their choices are, and if they like pink or blue!

Basically, channel their ideas into your products and plan to make your brand a success! How do you get to know millions of users online? How do you understand what’s bringing them to your brand? What is the driving factor?

Of course, Google has an answer to that! It is – Google Analytics!

Google Analytics is the platform that enables you to analyze and interpret answers to all your marketing questions. It helps you get the information that you can use to improve your website’s content, conversions, and user experience.

But is it sufficient to track your audience’s behavior and know what is happening online? Is Google Analytics good enough to help you boost your digital marketing performance?

We will find out here!

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics or GA is an analytics tool by Google that gives you an in-depth understanding of your website or app’s performance.

Seamlessly integrated with Google’s marketing and advertising platforms i.e. Google Ads, Search Console, Data Studio, etc., Google Analytics is a great choice to track down the performance of advertisements, monitor traffic, check on the performance of campaigns and interpret audience behavior.

Why Should You Use It?

Whatever your business – understanding your audience is of prime importance so you can deliver better products/services, make a good impact, and drive results.

To start with, GA makes it easier for you to understand how your website or app users are engaging with the content so that you know what’s working for you and what’s not!

Moreover, it is easier to double your website and app traffic when you know exactly how users are finding you on the web and what is catching their attention.

With GA, you have an edge!

Insights that only Google can give: Google’s machine learning capabilities are better than any other in the world! Discovering new insights, conversions, etc becomes easier!

It is all connected: Google Analytics is built to work around Google’s Advertising and Publishing portals i.e. Adwords, Admob, Google Search Ads, etc. Creating remarketing lists with the analyzed data aids your marketing strategies.

Easier than ever: The Google Analytics Dashboard is a very user-friendly interface with charts, technical support, and API configurations that help to understand, analyze, and share data easily. Even a layman can interpret the dashboard!

Google Analytics lets you track users coming in from Google Display Ads (remarketing campaigns), Social Media, Shared Links and everything that connects your website/App to the users!

What Are the Benefits of Google Analytics?

Almost 3.5 billion searches are made every day and 600+ new users land on the Google page every minute – Google Search Engine is one of the most powerful SERPs of today.

Coming from the powerhouse of the Internet – Google Analytics is empowered to read vast amounts of data, convert it into a readable format, and make it understandable in a jiffy.

It is one of the easiest and most popular tools on the web that allows individuals/businesses to interpret their performance online.

Real-Time Data

Google Analytics allows you to access reports that offer insights into real-time data i.e. who is on your site and what they are doing! So if you have just made a blog post live, you can check how the traffic lands on your post and where the audience is coming from. The dashboard allows you to see the real-time response of users on your Website/App and learn consumer behavior for better marketing.

Uplift Your Marketing Strategies

Not all marketing strategies are fruitful all the time! GA helps you understand the good from the bad! You can track the success and failure of your campaigns to determine which marketing strategies are working for you. With GA, you can constantly improve your marketing strategy until it starts making a good impact.

Data Visualization

While most analytical tools on the web serve you with data regarding what’s happening on the site/app, Google Analytics makes it interpretable with charts, graphs, and other insights. Because, quite honestly, data is only useful when you can make sense of it!

Free of Cost

If all of the above reasons weren’t enough, here is the best one! Google Analytics is free of cost. You have nothing to lose, but a lot of insights to gain!

So if you are running Facebook Ads you can track its performance through GA and better its performance!

How to Set-Up Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics is super simple!

All you need to do is log on to your Google Analytics account!

If you have a primary Google account to run your Gmail, Youtube, Google Drive, etc, it’s best to use GA with the same.

Set up Your Account and Property

Your Property is the eebsite/app that you have complete ownership of and want to track insights. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button to fill out your Website information i.e. the collection point in Analytics for the data from your site/app. You can add up to 100 properties and create hierarchies according to the importance of business.

Install Tracking Code

Once you have added your property to the Google Analytics account, click the Get Tracking ID button. Upon agreement of the Terms and Conditions, you get your unique Google Analytics code. This code has to be installed on each page of your website/app to let Analytics read their data. Most e-commerce websites and apps have a separate section for the tracking code.

Set Goals

Setting up Goals helps Google Analytics understand what’s important to you! Go to the Admin column to click on ‘Goals’ under the Website’s View Column. Click on the ‘+New Goal’ button to choose the most relevant option i.e. create an account, buy a product, sign-up, etc. Therefore, when these activities are undertaken by any user on the website, Analytics will quickly update and track the conversion.

Site Search

Any website or app with a search box on it should install Site Search. Run a search on Google and copy the website query URL. Now go to the Admin Column once again to click on ‘View Settings’ under the Website’s View Column. Turn your site Search Settings on and enter the query parameter (usually s or q). This allows Analytics to track any searches made on the website thereby helping you understand if your visitors are looking for anything specific on the pages

Standard Reports

Once you have added the property to your Analytics account and tracking codes on your website/app, all the data of activities being done on the website/app start showing up on the Analytics Dashboard in real-time. These are represented in the form of charts, graphs, percentage changes, and more to make the information more easily understandable.

Types of Analytic Reports

Google Analytics serves you with multi-fold information about the users that visit your website /app. There are four broad types of reports generated across various charts and graphics. These include:

Audience Reports – These tell you everything about the audience that visits your website/app. You will find detailed reports of their age, gender, location, interests, the technology they use, etc.

Acquisition Reports – Here you can learn where the traffic is coming from. From the percentage of traffic coming in from Facebook Ads, Google Shopping Ads, etc to special links, google search, and more.

Behavior Reports – These reports tell you everything about your content performance. What are the top-performing website pages, what terms are being searched for, which page the audience leaves from, etc.

Conversion Reports – You can track your website conversion rate and the pages on which they happen. These are especially useful for tracking sales for the website. You can easily get to know which products are performing well and which aren’t.

You can improve your marketing plan and boost your digital marketing game by using insights from these reports!

Let’s Work on Your GA!

While using GA is super-easy and exciting, it is important to act on the numbers and create marketing plans around what works for you. This is where we come in!

All Stars Digital is a digital marketing and brand scaling agency that specialises in upping every brand/business’s digital game! We guide you to the best online resources, design the best marketing plan suited to your website performance, help you boost website traffic, perform the best SEO, and generate leads.

If online data looks too tough to handle, leave it to us! Let’s get started!