The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Laravel Developer

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In this article, you are going to find the checklist to help you hire your Laravel development team.

Well, among a variety of available PHP frameworks, Laravel is one of the most commendable ones. In terms of scalability, features, and performance, Laravel outruns most of the other PHP frameworks. No wonder why Laravel website development has become immensely popular globally for enhancing the digital presence of industry-specific businesses.

In this article, you are going to find the checklist to hire your Laravel development team. However, before that, let’s check out why businesses are showing great interest to invest in Laravel website development.

According to a market research report by BuiltWith, 129,184 live websites are presently using Laravel.  Now, being a business owner, if you are still doubtful whether you need to hire Laravel developer or not, here are some solid reasons to make up your mind.

Enjoy Increased Productivity

A major share of your success depends on your business’s productivity. The development team needs to work on achieving certain goals within a given time frame. As they complete the task, the process moves to further recommendations along with quality testing. Not only does this help to improve the quality of the project but it also increases overall productivity.

Get Overall Control over the Process

If you hire a dedicated Laravel developer, you not only get the freedom to communicate whenever you want but also the freedom to get involved in the work. Your inputs will be given the highest priority.

Be the Boss and Manage Your Project Efficiently the Way You Want

Rather than developing the most “perfect” product, you can develop a product that is more about sustainability and support. If you own a dedicated team of Laravel developers, identifying and rectifying issues or errors become easier and smoother.

Now, let’s delve into the core discussion i.e. the skills needed to look for in a Laravel developer or a Laravel website development company when hiring one.

You can enjoy the best-in-class Laravel development services, only when you hire the right development partner. So, how to know “Yes! This is the company or the team that I want to work with”? 

Consider the following aspects and decide.

Check the Company or the Developer’s Portfolio

This is the way you can get an idea about the works the company or the Laravel developer has successfully handled so far. Also, the details of the previously completed projects will let you understand the kind of work and services the company provides along with the industry verticles it has dealt with so far.


While looking at a Laravel developer’s portfolio, you can understand their experience level in website development. Easily you can check the quality of their skills and work that they have under their belt.

It is better if you look for multi-niche developers, who can assist you with the best practices from a variety of cases along with designing different kinds of sites.

Check Their Previous Work Record

Well, this is a bit different from checking the portfolio of a developer. Besides coding skills, you can consider:

  • Does he/she meet deadlines?
  • Is the Laravel expert a team player?
  • Is the developer coachable?

Business/Industry Understanding

The website that your hired Laravel developers are going to build is probably going to be the future of your company’s or brand’s face. Hence, make sure the hired experts have some understandings of the industry where your business belongs.


Usually, Laravel developers can be hired either on an hourly basis or at a fixed price. Now, you need to state your project requirements clearly to the team or the individual programmer so that the developers can accordingly give you a brief on the development cost.

Is the Developer Available for Communication?

Well, it can happen that something interesting might have come to your mind and you want to implement it. Now, your developer has to be available for listening to your inputs and act accordingly. This is why you need to check whether the individual developer or development team you are about to hire is always available for clear and transparent communication or not.

Well, other than all the aforementioned key points, you should make sure that your Laravel experts have the following qualities as well:

  • Knowledge of the ongoing market trends
  • Knowledge of the latest versions of the Laravel framework
  • Ability to describe the code and the development process with you
  • Flexible to adopt new methodologies and ideas
  • Ability to give a rough estimation of the time required and cost for a project

Wrapping Up

Well, if you’ve reached this far while reading, you are already aware of the things you need to consider to hire dedicated Larvel developer. Also, you can check the rating and the reviews given by the previous clients to the team, or the company, or the individual developer that you are about to hire for a further background check before hiring.