This Website Takes You on a Sports Journey Around Japan

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Japan Sports Journey has a number of easy-to-use features to help fans and travelers in Tokyo and around Japan.

If you’re looking to learn about the Rugby World Cup (RWC) 2019, the cities and 12 venues staging matches, and how to try a variety of other sports, check out Japan Sports Journey — an exciting website that Custom Media is proud to have helped develop, which has also been getting much attention abroad.

Japan Sports Journey has a number of easy-to-use features to help fans and travelers in Tokyo and around Japan. It provides details about the six must-do Tokyo neighborhoods of Roppongi, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Marunouchi, Odaiba, and Asakusa by listing the main activities, ranging from cultural and artistic to nature and nightlife.

Under the Experience section, you can find a comprehensive list of top sports and other activities around Tokyo, from learning traditional kendo or aikido to playing the latest virtual reality games. It’s an exciting lineup that will remind you how much there is to do in this vast city. There’s also a handy and regularly updated rundown of all of major sports events in Japan in 2019.

The Japan Sports Journey website covers a wide range of sporting events in Japan but, naturally, has a particular focus on RWC 2019.

Each experience, location, or venue on Japan Sports Journey can be added to your own personal travel plan that the site remembers for you, so you can list anything that you don’t want to miss. The site can even create an itinerary to take you to your chosen locations.

One of the most impressive things about Japan Sports Journey is that it looks great while presenting visitors with a wealth of useful information.

Brian Susantio, senior developer at Custom Media, explained that one particular feature of the website’s landing page—a dazzling set of transitions between three captivating images—was something that he worked hard to achieve: “We visualized a website that would give an exciting user experience, and we achieved it by creating micro animations using customized code.”

The best way to appreciate Japan Sports Journey is to go there: