Three Branding Strategies to Strengthen Your Company’s Identity

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If we were to broaden the definition of a “brand”, we could say that a brand is the sum of names, aesthetics, beliefs, ideas, mission, cultures, etc.

The term “brand” represents the views the users or clients have of your company, but if we were to broaden that definition, we could say that a brand is the sum of the brand names, aesthetics, beliefs, ideas, mission, culture, personality, style and tone – adjectives you would use while describing a person, right?

Much like a human being, a brand can be looked at by the layers that make it whole, the way the brand behaves, what its beliefs are, what it strives for, what it looks like, etc. If you approach the process of building your brand’s identity strategically, your chances of success are raised dramatically, because, with your recognizability, you are able to build and develop relationships with prospects and clients passively. Here, we’re offering 3 pieces of advice that will help you in your strategic approach to branding.

Respect and Adapt to the 80/20 Rule in Creating Content

As you may or may not know already, the 80/20 rule in creating content states that 80% of your content posted on social media should be bringing value to your followers – tricks of the trade, advice or consultations about projects or endeavors related to your field, useful news and other valuable information, while 20% of your content promotes your products, services or gives you a chance to close certain sales and customers.

The goal of this is the positioning of your brand as an honest, reliable friend to your clients, a constant source of useful information and news to your prospects and a reliable advisor to the people who are just starting with their education on what your company deals with.

The market is large enough to make sharing of certain valuable information and advices never more harmful than beneficial to your company’s identity.

Stay Consistent with Your Messaging and Design

Brands that stay consistent in their messages are the ones who leave a long-lasting mark on their clients and followers. From your logo, all the way to your social media posts, the unification of your brand’s visuals across multiple platforms, as well as the unification of the messages your brand is broadcasting (the use and adaptation of slogans, iconic visuals or audio impressions leave the highest impact on your audience) will form your brand’s personality with which your followers can associate with.

Honesty, Innovation & User-Centricity are the Cornerstones of Branding

Complete user-centricity with the implementation of brutal honesty and innovativeness will make your brand closer to your audience, creating stronger relationships with followers who may, later on, become loyal fans and ambassadors to your brand’s cause.

Establishing relationships, as important as it is for us as people, is equally important for brands in the world we live in, because a connection with a brand you admire or like represents resonating on the same frequency as your consumers, uniting you all in achieving your goals.