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Tips and Tricks to Earn Twitter Followers Fast

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Here are some great tips for getting the numbers of Twitter followers you want quickly, so keep on reading!

So you’re not Britney Spears or Justin Bieber and you can’t get millions of followers on your Twitter page but you want to.  Sadly, there are very few who demand this type of following and for most of us “normal people”, we’ll be lucky to break the thousand follower mark.

However, there are some things you can do in order to get more Twitter followers and for those who want instant gratification, you can do it very quickly if you have the stamina. There are many social media marketing agencies that follow these tips for their clients.

You need to make the “Twitterverse” your life for a month or two and you can get the number of followers you want for your account.  The following are some great tips for getting the numbers you want quickly so keep on reading!

Tweet and Then Tweet Some More

OK, you’ve been told in other articles that to gain followers you shouldn’t tweet too much because you end up looking like you’re spamming. This can be true if all you’re doing is tweeting business information or sales posts, however, if you’re offering something that is genuinely interesting to your followers, this is not the case.

You also want to get into some good conversations that bring in followers you don’t already have. The followers of your followers may end up following you because of their conversations with your followers. You follow me yet? See, Twitter is like one of those domino boards where you set them all up and when you knock one down, the rest falls into place.

Get one follower and more will come, particularly if you are interesting and a prolific tweeter…

Learn Your Twitter Voice

All the tweeting you’ve done, as mentioned in the last tip, will also pay off in another way. You’ll find your Twitter voice. People will start coming to you because you’ve shown that you’re interested and have knowledge about what you tweet. This is the person you want to be.

You’ll get more followers if you have a strong voice and if you are known online as an expert. Your followers will start recommending you and tagging you in tweets seeking your opinion for others.

These others will start following to see what you will offer them next and so on. Again, this will take some time but once you’re there it will be as easy as writing a tweet and staying within the one hundred and forty character limit.

Buying Followers

Those who really want instant gratification can always take the route of buying followers but this does have its downside. First, how much does buying followers cost you, is it expensive?

Well, relatively speaking, no, it’s not expensive at all when you consider that 5 dollars can get you hundreds of fake followers. Now for the downside, you want to keep your following to follower ratio pretty even.

Unless you want to just start randomly following people to keep this ratio close, you’re really not doing yourself any favors. But, this is the quickest and easiest way to get followers and you wouldn’t be alone if you chose this route…

When it comes to getting Twitter followers fast, you can do it if you put in the time and effort. If you don’t want to work for them, just pull out the old debit card and buy fake followers instead.