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Tips For Choosing a Digital Strategy Agency

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Here are a few tips that will help you choose a digital strategy agency that helps you reach your goals.

1. It’s Not Enough Having a Website and Presence on Social Media

If your agency works separately and doesn’t guarantee an increase in demand, it’s time to start thinking about changing. Choose an agency whose priorities are strategy and results.

2. Hiring a Supplier Is Not Enough

Make sure your agency offers a multidisciplinary team and in accordance with your needs: the team must be formed by community managers, designers, strategy professionals and specialists, certifications such as Google, Facebook blueprint, among many others that add expertise to their job.

3. Make Sure the Agency You Hire Generates Profit

We recommend choosing an agency that can assure the return of your investment and if signed by a contract even better. Only professional and truly experienced agencies are willing to go further with you and guarantee the results signed by a contract.

4. Reduce Your Team’s Workload and Focus on the Main Tasks of Your Company

It’s important to choose an agency that has experts on the field, this way, besides focusing on other important tasks for your company, you will always be aware of trends, with the best tools and resources for your online strategies. Besides this, you get rid of the investment in monitoring, management, business intelligence tools, and others. If the agency has already worked with companies from your field or your competition, it will have more knowledge to apply to your company.

5. Experience 

It’s important they have had real projects, you may even call their clients so that they can share their experience with you.

6. Licencing  

If your agency generates content, you must verify they have the licenses for the images they provide, otherwise, you risk a copyright fine.

7. Certifications

They must have partnerships with different platforms. This reinforces their knowledge, for example, Google Partners, Facebook Partners, Shopify Partners, etc.