Top 10 Automotive Software Development Companies in New York City

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Looking for the best automotive software development company in New York City? Our team is dedicated to creating state-of-the-art software for carmakers around the world.

With every passing day, the automobile industry continue to advance technologically. Many auto manufacturing companies use automation – AI, ML, and IoT – to streamline their processes. Several automotive software development companies are helping the automotive industry to make it happen.

Our tech specialists examined the top automobile software development companies. Our analysis revealed that many businesses fit into various technical progress groups. We have divided them into three tiers, based on how much current technology the firms use. Continue reading as we explain it to you!

Automotive Software Development Companies in NYC

RisingMax Inc

RisingMax Inc. includes various services for creating solutions for connected Internet cars, telematics, EV charging, smart bikes, navigation and mapping, human-machine interfaces, and security. Modern technologies like blockchain, AI and ML, cloud computing, AR and VR, Big Data, and IoT may be found by scrolling through their technology section.

RisingMax Inc. is one of the most dependable and goal-oriented companies in automobile engineering. The organization is growing as a bastion of excellence, supported by a highly skilled staff of developers and testers. Customer evaluations, endorsements, and case studies show their degree of experience. It is amazing how many automobile firms have found it to be the ideal development partner and how many projects have been completed successfully. We examined the relevant case studies on the company’s website to support our analysis.

Suffescom Solutions

Another organization that attracted our interest is Suffescom Solutions. The business provides design, development, and digital marketing services for websites and mobile apps. Suffescom Solutions’ ability to provide solutions with spectacular designs and functionalities is one of the main reasons it is ranked among the best automotive software development companies. Additionally, the business stands out from the competition because of its customer-centric philosophy.

Suffescom Solutions’ development team creates extremely functional platforms for the automobile sector, allowing automotive companies to meet their contemporary demands. Many automotive companies have benefited from Suffescom Solutions’ real-time solutions in getting the best outcome. Client testimonials reveal much about their knowledge and strategy for developing the best solutions.


Infopulse provides comprehensive, highly adaptable, and scalable automotive software development services. Many automotive companies have used their expertise and outperformed the competition because of their 30-year presence. The organization’s software development procedures are based on worldwide best practices and ISO 26262, AUTOSAR, A-SPICE, and MISRA-C++ standards. Infopulse is one of the leading consulting companies for automotive engineering, holding a commanding position and receiving widespread acclaim for its string of successful projects.

For its customers, the business guarantees a shorter time to market, more productivity, and higher revenue creation. Embedded in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, security solutions, NFC systems, telematics, and blockchain solutions are some of its automotive specialties.


In our analysis of the top 10 providers of automotive engineering services, KandaSoft comes in at number four. It can create software solutions for the automotive sector more quickly and bring automobiles to market because of its committed staff and agile development methodology. The business offers full-cycle application development services, including cloud engineering and optimization, analytics and big data solutions, AI and machine learning implementation, and round-the-clock maintenance and support.

Numerous automotive companies have benefited from the firm’s scalable solutions, which have greatly modernized them. And this has opened the door for businesses to establish a solid reputation and place among automotive engineering consultancy companies. The feedback from customers speaks volumes about their knowledge and the trust they have gained by delivering top-notch software solutions.


OrangeMantra is an OEM and brand solution supplier. For both small businesses and established corporations, the firm creates and produces extremely engaging and user-centric automotive software. The group focuses on various technologies, including blockchain, IoT, AI, eCommerce website development, and AR/VR. This is how they provide specialized automotive software solutions.

The business has competence in several areas, including autonomous and ADAS vehicles, navigation and mapping, smart bikes, IoT and embedded solutions, and telematics. OrangeMantra is one of the most well-regarded consulting organizations for automotive engineering in the current era because of the incorporation of new technologies.


ELEKS provides custom automobile engineering services. ELEKS is one of the companies that has established itself as a software product developer for the automobile sector. The benefits include process and technology consultancy, predictive and prescriptive analysis, idea validation and proof of concept, and bespoke automotive software solutions.

Trending technologies used by ELEKS include sophisticated data analytics, blockchain, IoT, data science and machine learning and telematics. Its extensive portfolio demonstrates its subject competence and understanding of creating software, which offers advantages to an automobile firm.


Belitsoft has established a solid reputation, so we have included the business among the top providers of automotive engineering services. Its software development solutions include job cost, repair management, parts management, technician monitoring, production management, AR management, and scheduling.

An online case study for the business demonstrates how successfully it created a unique SaaS ERP and CRM platform for vehicle repair shops. By the end of 2017, over 200 customers of its clients were using the platform. Amazingly, there are versions of the venue accessible in English, Spanish, and French.


Bocasay is one of the most dependable and technologically advanced companies developing automotive software, whose cutting-edge solutions have revolutionized the automobile industry. This product company has helped several businesses by elevating them to the forefront and introducing unique services to the automobile industry.

Sigma Technology

Automotive engineering consulting companies like Sigma Technology are making a name for themselves because of emerging trends like connection, electrification, and shared mobility. The firm utilizes the promise of technologies like blockchain, AI and ML, Big Data, and IoT to provide outstanding automotive software development services.

Numerous automakers rely on Sigma Technology for their secure AI-based software. Its eye-catching success stories and sincere customer testimonials have also helped solidify the company’s standing and reputation as an automobile engineering consultant.


One name that promotes growth and belongs on the list of consulting companies for automotive technology and engineering is Aptiv. It will undoubtedly continue to be among the greatest companies for developing automotive products as it serves the automotive sector and grows daily. Aptiv offers a wider range of services and attends to a large automobile clientele to provide them with what they need.


The list of businesses providing engineering and technology for the automobile industry will also change with the times. Nevertheless, we did our best to provide you with the most recent list. Despite the automotive industry’s slow technology adoption, your automotive firm may benefit from an early bird discount by taking action.

This list of the top automotive software development companies will help you expand your business, streamline procedures, and boost productivity and efficiency. This will occur because you will have equipped yourself with the necessary knowledge before selecting an automobile software business from the automotive product development firms list.

To help you remain one step ahead of the competition, we’ll keep you informed about our most recent research and evaluations.