Top 10 Best Platforms for Building Mobile Apps

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Most businesses are looking to hire a mobile app developer to create a mobile application. Mentioned below are the top 10 platforms for developing mobile apps.

Most of the businesses these days are looking to hire a mobile app developer to create a mobile application for the product or services that they render.

The reason behind this is the growing use of mobile apps for the customer and the owner. And therefore, there are several platforms via which these mobile apps can be built.

Thus the companies want to hire a mobile app developer who is well acquainted with the best platform out of all these platforms.

The Top 10 Platforms for Developing Mobile Apps:

  1. AppSheet
  3. Shoutem
  4. JIRA
  5. GoodBarber
  6. AppyPie
  7. Bizness Apps
  8. iBuildApp
  9. Rollbar
  10. AppInstitute


The AppSheet platform is suitable for all types of businesses, whether the small, mid-level or large scale and all mobile app developers in Dubai plus across the globe. There are no charges for creating an app for personal use or one single user.

Other than that there are 3 types of plans, namely, premium, pro, and business. With this platform, an app rich in features can be made.

No coding is required and the app can be deployed on multiple operating systems. AppSheet has features such as Shared innovation, Security plus governance, Team Collaboration, and Lifecycle management.

This platform is suitable for businesses of medium level or large scale. Just like the previous, also provides 3 types of plans and also a 14-day free trial period only for the pro plan. It can be used to develop hybrid mobile applications and web apps as well as PWAs.

The applications built using this platform are compatible with almost all the commonly used devices and operating systems.

Backend services can be imported and used instantly in the app builder. renders features for managing the team. This platform is a low-code development one.


The mobile app development services of Shoutem is suitable for all levels of business. It provides one free trial and just like others render three types of plans. With this, mobile applications can be built through the drag-and-drop method.

E-commerce, local business promotion, and mobile advertising are some features provided by it among many others. Shoutem provides the facility of Re-publish that too at no extra charges.


JIRA is also suitable for all types of businesses. It renders a trial period of a week for cloud solutions and of one month for on-premises solutions.

The price varies according to the platform used. This is mainly useful for the agile team for project management. Workflow can be customized. And Custom filters can be created as well.


GoodBarber’s mobile app development services can be used for all sorts of businesses. This one though has 4 types of pricing with a trial period of one month.

This platform can be used for the development of news applications, community applications, and business applications. Features of monetization and user authentication are available in this.


AppyPie platform is the best fit for all types of mobile apps. Companies want mobile app developers for hire who are well acquainted with such types of platforms.

This is because it allows for developing mobile applications for numerous purposes. Monthly and yearly subscription plans are provided by AppyPie. There is a wide variety of app builders available in it. It has a

Bizness Apps

This platform is suitable for small and mid-level businesses as well as for freelancers. This can be useful as many freelances also need a mobile app developer for hire.

Bizness Apps renders one separate plan for small-level businesses. Plus three other types of plans. It allows the development of native Android and iOS apps. And this one also makes use of the drag-and-drop method.

It provides some add-ons such as Private App store, Multiple languages support, group management, and


This platform is useful for small businesses and mid-level businesses along with agencies. Just like others, iBuildApp also renders three types of pricing. With this, you can edit and update your application anywhere at any time.

It provides a plethora of features for you to use and thus you can engage your customers well. Moreover, there is no limit on the traffic for your application.


Rollbar is suitable for all types of small and medium level businesses. This one renders 4 types of pricing plans. The significant feature of Rollbar is that it supports all the commonly used languages as well as frameworks.

This helps in analyzing the root cause via tracing the stack. Rollbar can trace each data that needs to be debugged such as, request params, browsers, local var values, and IPs, etc.


This one is suitable and can be used only for the small level business. It provides a free trial and four types of pricing plans.

It enables mobile app developers Dubai and all across the globe to develop apps for several industries such as Beauty salons, Sports or Fitness, Radio Stations, and coffee shops among many others.

This one also makes use of the drag-and-drop method, therefore, no coding is required. And it renders guidance for all the procedures such as launching, promoting plus marketing of the app as well.

Summing it Up

So mentioned above are some of the best platforms for the development of various mobile applications.

Mobile app development companies in Dubai and others all over the world use such types of platforms for the creation of mobile apps for their businesses.

Their effective performance and usability plus their features are the reason why these platforms are in the top 10 best platforms that are used by a mobile app development company in Dubai and others across the globe.