Top 11 Reasons Why SharePoint Is the Best Platform for Document Management

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Digital documentation systems have replaced manual filing systems and offer unparalleled convenience and extraordinary benefits.

We live in a highly innovative and technology-driven era where organizations of all scales require a highly effective Document Management System or DMS software. Unfortunately, cabinet filing systems and other paper management systems are outdated in lieu of digital documentation systems where access, retrieval, storage, and management of documents offer unparalleled convenience.

However, what platform offers the best DMS? Microsoft’s SharePoint is one such tool that provides safety and security through a variety of requirements. But is it the right system for you? Furthermore, what are the document services that stand out in SharePoint? In this article, we’ll explore the essential features of DMS software and why you should choose SharePoint development services as the solution to your company’s document management.

What Are the Key Features of Document Management Systems?

A robust Document Management System (DMS) is necessary for every organization to operate effectively and efficiently. With everything happening online, digitization of document management was inevitable. Unlike paper documents often at risk for damage or loss, digitized documents managed by a safe and secure DMS have multiple benefits. Some of them include:


  • Intelligent storage: In any good DMS, intelligent organization is key. This is especially true if you are a large company because the bigger the company, the bigger is the document management.
  • Convenience: Management includes a variety of tasks such as simultaneous access, retrieval, collaboration, and sharing. Therefore, convenience is a major feature and function of DMS.
  • Format support and version control: New file formats and updates on versions pop up out of nowhere. Compatibility with almost all file extensions alongside different versions is essential for the best document management system.
  • User-friendly: If your DMS is difficult to operate and lacking ease of control, there would be a great waste of time. However, a good User Interface (UI) with easy features will result in a better user experience.
  • Safe, secure and time saver: All digitized documents are devoid of hazards that typically affect paper. In case of accidental elimination, retrieval and restoration of lost documents is also hassle-free. In addition, all processes within the system are rapid, thus saving a great amount of time.
  • Collaboration and centralized administration: This feature is non-negotiable in every DMS. The whole purpose of efficient document management is easy workflow, typically in real-time, based on role-based permissions or restrictions, enabling multiple users to access information on all levels.

The Rationale for Choosing SharePoint: How Is it Better?

While discussing the importance of having a good document management system, please note that it is equally vital to consider and choose what is right for your organization. SharePoint document management system is one of the many developer softwares that is available in the electronic market today. It is offered in the cloud, on-premise and hybrid variants designed to share, track, collaborate, store, archive and even eliminate your documents according to your personal requirements. Nevertheless, what makes SharePoint ideal, and how is it better than the rest? First, let’s find out why most businesses hire this tool to protect their sensitive information:


  • Seamless integration: Being a Microsoft product enables easy integration to software packages such as Office 365, ERP, CRM, etc. Low cost and maintenance are additional features as well.
  • Bespoke features: SharePoint provides the freedom and choice to personalize and customize the system to suit the company’s preferences and needs. However, tailor-made elements come at a cost.
  • Highly functional: This software is particularly beneficial for businesses that demand a wide range of functions and use-cases. Because of its numerous features, management and security of documents, sensitive content, important projects, etc., are carried out effortlessly. Thus, it provides optimal data and content management.
  • Ubiquitous: SharePoint is everywhere! This tool is put to use by most organizations to help them manage their documentation. Recent studies suggest that SharePoint is a 2 billion dollar and counting software enterprise.
  • High storage capacity: This DMS can sustain and maintain enormous amounts of data! In addition, storage space required for sufficient backup is also provided.
  • Simultaneous, joint functionality: SharePoint-based DMS allows your workforce to access the same document simultaneously without interference. In other words, real-time collaboration is another perk of this tool.
  • Advanced search features: Finding documents is easy, precise, and quick for SharePoint users, and it implements metadata management. This prevents document duplication.
  • Quality workflow: A healthy workflow ensures maximum productivity, and SharePoint encompasses built-in workflows for approval, status, notification, etc.
  • Security and reliability: All documents can be customized and made available strictly according to permissions. It features folder-level security regulations that aid the maximum safety of documents. Minimum issues with server, quality syncing process and avoiding accidental overwrite or data loss also makes SharePoint a very reliable software.
  • Mobile access: Since it is available on mobile devices, convenience becomes two-fold as users can manage their documents outside of their specific operating system.
  • Cost reduction: Being cloud-based makes this software reduce the cost to a great extent. In addition, storage is made available according to unique requirements, making SharePoint cost-effective to users. In simple terms, you don’t pay for what you don’t use.


Once you define your company’s unique needs and goals in terms of documentation, you can choose to implement three types of SharePoint- cloud-based or online, on-premise and Hybrid. Whether you are a growing business, SME or a huge organization, SharePoint has solutions to meet your needs. You need to either hire SharePoint developers or approach a SharePoint development company for implementation. However, an online or cloud-based version is as easy as taking a subscription, and you’re good to start.

Furthermore,  you may provide sufficient training to your employees as proper demonstration is crucial to utilize this amazing technology’s full potential. This feature-rich DMS platform redefines modern enterprises and balances ultimate user experience and security. With all of the qualities mentioned above and the benefits of SharePoint, it is evident that this is one of the best platforms for document management.