Top 2024 Web Design Trends Shaping Future Websites


Web design trends are constantly changing. We examine the top 2024 web design trends most likely to dominate the industry and influence designers.

The Latest Web Design Trends: Intelligent, Interactive, Sustainable, and Eye-Catching

Would you believe that 2024 is just four months away? Now, in the world of web design, we already start looking for upcoming trends that will dominate the industry for the coming year. While this field has diverse specialties, I want to focus solely on the top 2024 web design trends.

Web design directions are constantly changing and developing because of the close connection with technological progress. These trends can become a demonstration of new ideas and innovations and, with the help of animation, interaction, and immersion, can bring ideas to life.

As a web designer, I have always been fascinated by the ever-evolving landscape of web design. Technology constantly changes, and staying ahead of the curve is crucial to delivering exceptional user experiences. With 2024 just around the corner, it is the perfect time to explore the future of web design and emerging trends.

In this article, I look at the main website design ideas for 2024 that will be able to dominate the trends of the past period. However, some web design trends remain popular year after year.

Emerging Web Design Trends for 2024

There have been significant changes in web design over the past five years. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the major trends contributing to this. There are quite a few of them, but I want to highlight the top emerging web design trends:

  • Artificial Intelligence. In web design, AI is often used as a chatbot. However, AI is increasingly part of other website applications. AI simplifies the e-commerce experience by helping users get answers to questions and find products. When planning an app or website, consider using AI in web design by introducing technology capabilities in one form or another.
  • Voice Search. In 2023, it is already the norm to use voice assistants instead of texting a query to a search engine or other platforms. In 2024, voice interface will not lose its popularity and will take priority because software users will get a more natural method of interaction from the integration. Already, you can see the changes in content and SEO techniques. As a result, when planning a web design, you need to take care of voice search strategies.
  • Augmented reality. In 2024, AR will likely be one of the best achievements of web design. Virtual reality is already a massive phenomenon, but augmented reality will help to take virtual worlds to the next level.

It’s time to change web design strategies so that new designs keep up with the times and user expectations. In addition to the factors described above, several others determine the best website design for 2024.

Top 30 Web Design Trends in 2024

Some web design trends have been widespread: gradients, retro styles, parallax scrolling, etc. But let’s look at the 30 innovative trends defining website design in 2024.

1. UX Focused Design

You may already be seeing a lot of websites that focus on UX or user experience. And it is rightly so. Usability is one of the top trends in web design that will rise further in the coming year as designers race to create immersive experiences for users. Now, there are various aspects to user-centered design in websites.

While the desired result involves lead generation, higher traffic, and conversions, the journey to getting there focuses on the visitors. Each interaction or touchpoint on the website is designed with the user in mind.

From the navigation bar, hero image or headline, animations or videos, and text are structured to engage the visitors from the first few seconds. Every information on the home page should be direct and immediately convey what the business offers and how it can solve a problem for potential customers.

Businesses can easily find out the needs and preferences of their customers and create personalized experiences for them as well. Many websites today leverage AI-powered platforms to simplify navigation and instantly offer recommendations or solutions. In the future, web design trends might be all about UX.

2. Visible Boundaries and Grids

Regarding web design trends for 2024, this one cannot be overlooked. In the future, you can expect to see more clarity in structure to simplify navigation and increase responsiveness. Having clear borders around large images and product photos is an excellent way to improve user experience with minimal changes to the website design.

This simplicity makes it a popular trend you must watch out for in the coming year. You will see more websites with visible and clear borders separating sections on the home page or around the text. You can be creative with such elements and incorporate them in web design to highlight your bestselling products or crucial details.

Clear borders can work very well for e-commerce websites, portfolios, and business pages where you want to keep the appearance completely minimalistic. You can immediately enhance the web design by adding borders for symmetry and balance.

3. Voice User Interface (VUI) Design

With the rise of voice search and virtual assistants, VUI design will gain prominence in 2024. Web designers will need to adapt their design strategies to accommodate voice interactions.

Websites will include voice-controlled elements, allowing users to navigate, search, and interact using voice commands. Designers will consider natural language processing, conversational interfaces, and audio feedback to create intuitive, user-friendly voice experiences.

VUI design will redefine how users interact with websites, making them more accessible and convenient for a broader audience.

4. Sustainable and Eco-friendly Design

In 2024, sustainability and eco-friendly design will be critical for web designers. As the world becomes increasingly conscious of environmental issues, websites will prioritize energy efficiency and responsible design practices.

Designers will strive to minimize the carbon footprint of websites by optimizing code, reducing file sizes, and utilizing sustainable hosting solutions.

Moreover, web design will incorporate elements that promote sustainability and environmental awareness, such as eco-friendly color schemes, nature-inspired visuals, and content that educates and inspires users to take eco-conscious actions.

5. Ultra Minimalism

Ultra minimalism is a simplified version of traditional minimalism. Still, some designers find it relevant to leave sites with only a squeeze of the most helpful stuff that needs to be displayed. The “ultra-minimalism” trend will be valid for improving the user experience and reducing page load times.

6. Retro Futurism

Retro design is probably a popular trend year after year. It helps make a site stand out quickly; the style evokes nostalgia in the user and is considered the most effective. An unconventional user experience is achieved with a combination of futuristic components and retro style.

Retro styling is suitable for designing corporate websites, portfolios, stores, and blogs of all sizes. Proper implementation will help attract more users and stay creative in today’s world.

7. Y2K Effects

Nostalgia is back in full force! From oversized text to retro illustrations, there are a lot of visual elements that are making a comeback in the 2020s. Designers have been incorporating graphics inspired by the late 90s and Y2K trends. In web design, you can certainly expect to see Y2K effects dominating the realm for the coming year.

Static noise in background imagery, neon colors, and matrix-style text are just some elements you may see becoming popular. Given that people react so strongly to nostalgia in design, it’s no surprise that Y2K aesthetics are used in branding more commonly now.

Such effects can also work in business websites for marketing, design services, and portfolios. If you want to take inspiration from the web design trend, it’s a good idea to keep mobile responsiveness in mind and add only those elements that keep the users engaged on every device.

8. Memphis Style Design

This web design trend characterizes the nostalgia people increasingly feel in real life. The trend carries over to 2024 and web products. We’re talking about the ’80s, but the current version of Memphis has undergone several changes since the original. Today’s developers add a modern look to the design, taking the basic idea as their starting point.

Memphis is not just a trend; the style breaks norms like creativity, freshness, and design uniqueness. In addition, there is the motivation of bold ideas, reminding users that they should spend time having fun.

9. Claymorphism

Claymorphism is a reasonably new trend characterized by a friendly interface and attractive 3D images and can be used to add interactivity to the site.

Claymorphism uses the following styles:

  1. Bright, pastel, and light color schemes.
  2. Large rounded corners.
  3. The presence of interior and exterior shadows.

10. Parallax Scrolling

It used to be popular to insert maximum information on the home page at the top so that people wouldn’t scroll down the site. However, with the ever-increasing use of mobile devices to access the Internet, scrolling has become an expected and acceptable practice.

Parallax scrolling is not a new trend for 2024. It helps make scrolling appealing to humans, improves interaction with the site, and helps get animated interactive feedback all the time.

However, it would be best if you used parallax scrolling sparingly. Some viewers experience a sense of motion sickness when viewing parallax websites. The main goal is to surprise people with a creative approach. The implementation of parallax effects should be meaningful to the site and users.

11. Interactive Storytelling

In 2024, designers will have to dig deep into their toolkits to engage people with storytelling in web design. I think it is already a popular trend everywhere! You can leverage storytelling to build a unique brand identity and voice in a highly competitive landscape.

Since it has dominated the design industry for a while, how can it be one of the rising web design trends? Well, this is where innovation comes in. By adding interactivity to storytelling, you can strongly impact the audience and convince them to stay on the page for a long time.

Now, it might be a bit challenging to get this right. Interactive storytelling is all about adding elements that take visitors from one point to another without disrupting the flow of information.

With gamification, videos, and immersive 3D visuals, you can create an unforgettable experience for website users. Gamification also doesn’t mean you must go big with interactive storytelling. Simple animations with two or three visuals or dynamic text also work well. For e-commerce websites, this web design trend can offer just the right inspiration.

12. Engaging Interactions

Interactive design is a popular trend and an essential requirement of the modern world because it allows you to attract new customers, increase value, and quickly clarify the project’s goals. The designer’s task in this trend is to form an attractive, interactive site that should keep the user engaged.

Often, people leave a site if it’s elementary. Of course, that’s fine if the design has no complex elements, but adding interactivity is an excellent idea for 2024. The purpose of the style is to keep customers on the site. For example, a site might include:

  • interactive elements
  • 3D animations
  • video
  • graphics

Attractive elements give meaningful interaction on the resource (clicking, scrolling, swiping, etc.).

The trend will help reduce bounce rates by engaging them fully in the services or products provided. Interactive design in 2024 will automatically generate interest in the company.

13. Gamified Design

In 2024, this design trend will be popular and in demand. Gamification is a good solution that adds human emotion. For example, after going to the home page, the user immediately gets a unique experience; do not forget it works with the content on the page.

The gamification trend is a fun and ingenious solution, allowing more user interaction.

14. Glassmorphism For The Hero Section

What is the first thing you focus on when you visit the website? Probably, the hero image or visual that takes up the entire area above the screen. How do you make this stand out or unique to your audience? The answer is in this up-and-coming trend known as Glassmorphism.

Glassmorphism is a glass effect that gives the user interface a site depth and visual hierarchy. The style is suitable for focusing attention on important content.

Glassmorphism is a style where designers apply transparency to create a glass-like appearance or effect. It is becoming increasingly popular and will likely dominate in 2024 as well. Glassmorphism in the hero section can make visitors stop and take notice of your message or product.

Visitors are encouraged to scroll and find further details about a business or brand if they find an image or aesthetically pleasing shape. Glassmorphism may seem like a complex trend to follow, but it can significantly simplify the design process for professionals. It can be integrated with websites in every industry and follow the rules of minimalism as well.

15. Neomorphism

Neomorphism is another web design trend leading the way in 2024. This trend is gaining popularity due to its creativity and appeal. The style is modern and realistic, visually pleasing to the user. He differs from other trends in web design; it does not have a clear contrast or differentiation, and it is challenging to navigate the site for those with poor eyesight.

Selecting any trends is essential to focus on attracting people to the site and ease of viewing and accessibility. Neomorphism can be applied when designing websites, but inserting necessary and crucial elements is better.

16. Motion Effects On The Home Page

Motion effects are a web design trend already making waves in the industry. It is also quite popular among designers as it can help create immersive visitor experiences. In 2024, this will likely become one of the top ten trends, and we can expect to see a lot more of it.

Motion effects on the home page can be of different types. For great interactivity, you can add scroll-driven animations that prompt the user to go from one point to another on the page and draw attention to what the business or service offers. Here are a few other ways to add motion effects on the home page:

  • Hover animation
  • Loading animation
  • Accent animation
  • Moving elements

You can easily engage visitors by showcasing examples of previous work in a portfolio or with inspiring visual storytelling.

If you are integrating moving effects into a website, you should ensure that it does not impact the speed or mobile display. Avoid too many effects, as that can confuse or overwhelm users visually.

17. Complex Gradients

First on the list are gradients; although they are not new, they become a popular and vibrant web design trend every year because it is often used to add depth to a flat picture.

The growing popularity of this trend is due to the opportunities for creativity. Gradients will help create the illusion of movement while maintaining minimalism. The trend is widespread and considered a convenient counterpart, a substitute for motion design, but without animation.

Complex gradients are a great choice, even for minimalist-style apps and websites. When creating a design, it is better not to choose a color scheme randomly. All shades should match the mood of a particular element of the page, the product. Users prefer the hues of nature – green, blue, and yellow. Such a gamut will help to attract people’s eyes.

18. Typographic Layouts

The biggest plus of modern web design is the ability to integrate multimedia features. They allow text, photos, videos, and other elements to be placed concisely in a design. Modern designers in 2024 often abandon multimedia in favor of text-only layouts.

Typographic layouts help make a website look minimalist. Unusual text structures help create innovative visuals.

19. Kinetic or Dynamic Typography

Dynamic typography is another up-and-coming trend in web design. Kinetic or moving typography is the style of adding animation to text so it can instantly capture the viewer’s attention. Many designers and brands are already jumping on this trend.

Kinetic typography can be the hero of your website and can work as a standalone element on the home page, too. Moving text for headlines or subheadings makes keeping users engaged easier and avoids cluttering the website.

You do not have to fill spaces with visuals or shapes to improve the browsing experience. It also doesn’t slow down the website and looks appealing on mobile devices.

This web design trend will be incredibly influential in the future. You can add kinetic typography to websites for digital marketing services, portfolios, agencies, and SaaS platforms for a more significant impact.

20. Large Or Oversized Text

If you want to create an ultra-minimalist website that conveys the necessary information in the first look, consider adding large or oversized text across all sections. Other than the headline above the fold, you can opt for thick and bold headings to highlight services, bestselling products, or contact information.

Plain text with sans serif font styles can add to the website’s appeal. You can also say more with less if you display information in large, oversized text. It also increases the responsiveness of the websites as designers can keep the layout minimal and skip large visuals on the pages.

This web design trend could work well for service-based businesses, agencies, and SaaS websites. The oversized or large text focuses on the main USP (unique selling point) and how the product can fill a gap for the audience.

21. Interactive Fonts

In 2024, fonts are not a simple thing to convey information. They affect overall performance and help impress people. When working with projects, getting them right by applying creativity is essential.

It’s easier to create complex effects today than it was a few years ago, even without the use of coding. Taking advantage of the trend of interactive fonts, you need to remember that they can be distracting for some users and use them in moderation.

22. Handmade Illustrations

Another 2024 web design trend is the use of illustrations to hold attention. The trend isn’t new but remains consistent and has been among the best solutions for years. You can use images in a unique style – collage or abstraction.

While Mailchimp may have popularized website illustrations, they were not commonly seen in the last few years. Well, that has certainly changed now. I have come across different websites with fascinating handmade illustrations that keep the visitors engaged and prompt them to scroll till the end.

You can tell stories, demonstrate how a business solves a real consumer problem, or draw attention to different services with such visuals. Handmade illustrations do not have to be very elaborate and can convey the right message with a simple design.

You can add illustrative images to any website and create a memorable user experience. Handmade illustrations are set to become a dominant web design trend in 2024, as they can be pretty versatile. The visuals can work with different themes, layouts, and elements and play a huge role in good web design that helps businesses survive for a long time.

23. Handdrawn Graphics

The next unique web design trend of 2024 is hand-drawn art. The style is gaining popularity and is being adopted by designers and users, drawing their attention to hand-drawn details. Painted components allow you to stand out from the crowd, and the trend will enable you to experiment and be creative in developing the site.

24. AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are becoming increasingly popular, and web designers will start incorporating these technologies. AI-powered search engines, for example, can help users quickly find what they’re looking for.

Creating personalized websites based on user preferences is now possible thanks to sophisticated algorithms. Working hand in hand with teams specialized in artificial intelligence, it is possible to create great personalized sites according to users’ needs.

You could also use machine learning algorithms to make website designs more contextually relevant based on user behavior and preferences.

25. Intelligent Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and web designers will begin to incorporate it into their designs.

AI will enable websites to anticipate users’ needs and automatically provide them with the information they seek. This ability could include providing relevant tips and product recommendations or automatically filling out forms.

26. Including Social Proof

All people want more proof to trust one site over another site. This need is an integral part of building a relationship on many levels. The website is often the first brand and customer connection location, so trust has to start there.

In 2024, the trend for social proof is especially relevant, so it’s appropriate to add stats and other information to the homepage and other pages.

27. Emphasizing Product Photos

Photos have begun to dominate our lives more; they have started to sell themselves, which is especially important in e-commerce. In 2024, images will become the center of attention, regardless of the field, whether it’s cosmetics, clothing, or furniture.

Using photo accents for a website will give a person a quick understanding of the product and its features. Sales from this will increase, because there will be no need to search, look at all the pictures. Everything is immediately visible when you go to the site.

28. Custom 404 Error Pages

404 pages are where the user goes if he can’t find the necessary information. Developers use this page as an opportunity to add uniqueness, graphics, or other solutions. In 2024, the emphasis can be on entertaining details.

The 404 page will encourage a person to stay on the site because there will be a unique animation or mini-game with interactive engagement. This interactivity offers positivity, and web designers must consider implementing the idea.

29. Fast Website Loading

Users are increasingly demanding that websites load quickly, so it is more important than ever to optimize the loading speed of your pages, working in particular on image optimization, content caching, and the right choice of pre-built elements such as plugins, widgets, modules, add-ons, etc.

30. Increased Focus on Security

As cyber-attacks become increasingly sophisticated, web designers must focus more on creating secure websites that protect users’ information. This step could involve implementing two-factor authentication systems or more robust password requirements. It could also include encrypting data or using AI to identify potential threats.

Implementing 2024 Web Design Trends

I am finally at the end of our top 2024 web design trends list. You can expect to see almost all of them dominating the industry next year. If you are to change a website, revamp it completely, or design one from scratch, you should keep the web design trends mentioned above in mind.

You can create a trendy and timeless website with UX-centric elements, interactive storytelling, kinetic typography, or clear borders. Accessibility and ease of navigation are critical. At the same time, more innovative and unconventional trends that improve the user experience cannot be ruled out.

You should not rely entirely on these top 2024 web design trends. A lot of ideas characterize modern web design. You can certainly incorporate a few elements to increase visual appeal and catch the eye of the visitor on the first look. We can help!

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