Top 5 Countries for Outsourcing: Which Country Has the Best Engineers?

Chudovo OU
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Outsourcing has proven to be an effective budget optimization strategy.

Here is what top outsourcing countries are known for:

  1. Lower costs;
  2. Highly-developed IT market;
  3. Great educational infrastructure;
  4. Good English level.

Those are general rules among the best countries for web developers. These are the basics and we recommend choosing from the countries that fit the above criteria.

Other questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Can you comfortably align your work with this country’s time zone?
  2. Is it easy to find a competency you are looking for in this market?
  3. Do this country’s mentality and cultural values correspond with yours?

And that’s pretty much it. Now, let’s see which are the outsourcing destinations that offer the best software developers in the world.

1. Ukraine

Time zone GMT+3
Prices $25–50/hr

According to SkillValue 2019 best countries for software engineers ranking, Ukraine takes 4th place among other European countries. And according to HackerRank, Ukraine gained a score of 88.7% and takes 11th place in the overall ranking.

The software development teams in Ukraine focus on web and mobile development, Big Data and AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrency-related projects. You can find all kinds of tech stack and expertise in this country.

Even though English is not an official language, workers from the IT sector are known for their great English level. So if you are looking for low-cost and high-quality best developers based outside of the EU, we highly recommend considering Ukraine.

2. The Philippines

Time zone GMT+8
Prices $18–40/hr

The main advantage of outsourcing your software development to the Philippines is the developers’ English level. English is an official language in the Philippines and you’ll be getting a fluent English-speaking engineer for at least 10th of the price you’d pay in the US.
This outsourcing destination gained 63.8$ score in the HackerRank coding challenges. Even though the Philippines is not known for the best developers, we advise you to consider this country for small low-budget projects.

3. India

Time zone GMT++5:30
Prices $18–40/hr

India gained 76% in the HackerRank list. India is probably the most well-known outsourcing destination and is considered the best country to hire developers by big players such as Microsoft. And the scale is impressive – 2.6 million STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering, Math specialists in India graduate from universities every year.

Also, India is the second largest English-speaking country in the world and if you prefer to work with native English speakers – it’s a great choice.

4. Argentina

Time Zone GMT-3
Prices $30–50/hour

If you are based on the West Coast and are looking to work with someone in a relatively close timezone, you should consider Argentina. Rated 72.1% by Hackerank, Argentina became one of the best countries for web developers due to its thought-through, math-oriented government schooling programs.

While English can be a bit of a struggle in a country in general, you can find outsource programming specialists that have great command in English.

Outsourcing companies in Argentina specialize in software development, cloud computing, and DevOps.

5. China

Time Zone GMT+8
Prices $18-40/hr

China has ranked unbelievable 100% in the HackerRank list. It means that it seamlessly passed all of the HackerRank challenges and well, the quality is just perfect.

But before jumping to type “how to hire developers in China” in the search bar, we have to reveal two serious flaws of Chinese outsourcing market. First, is, of course, English – the general population of the country doesn’t speak it. Though, over the last few years, China has proudly received a label ‘moderate’ in the EF English proficiency rating. Second concern is the history of data leaks and copyrights violations.