Top 5 Global Online Food Delivery Apps

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Online food delivery service apps are the angels in the disguise of mobile software. Let’s show you through the top 5 online food ordering apps today.

Online food delivery service apps are the angels in the disguise of mobile software. Don’t believe us? Ask a foodie who craves a piece of caramel custard in the middle of a hectic night spent in coding. But has no clue what goes in the ingredients.

Don’t worry, virtual food delivery and ordering apps got you covered.

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Below is a pictorial representation of the market shares of the top apps in the US. Clearly, DoorDash and Grubhub are the customers’ choice.

Let’s show you through such the top 5 online food ordering apps today. The list is based on popularity.

How to Start Your Online Food Delivery Service

1.   Grubhub

Serving over 4K US cities and London, this giant food ordering company connects 24M diners with 0.2M restaurants. The popularity of the provider speaks in the figures it offers to the restaurants. 2019 was a whopping $6B in sales.

Grubhub seems to be the preferred choice in the major cities of the US, according to Statista’s September 2019 report.

Also, the company has its reach in small towns, making it one of the favorites among the direct-door-delivery food ventures. Offers, reachability, and quality have added to the appeal of this vendor.

2.   Uber Eats

This platform is probably the one that has burrowed its root deep into every land. Right from the UK and the US, it has covered Japan, India, and Australia. And it is still opening its delivery windows in more cities frequently.

Started in 2014, the company covers 13 countries, which is nothing less of a feat.

What gives an edge to this company is its ridesharing service that is often utilized for food delivery too. The chances of you traveling to your home and fetching a readymade meal are high. Right?

While writing this post, the news about Uber bidding for Grubhub was all over the media. The push and pull continued over the haggling and shares. And all this amid job cuts by Uber. Interestingly, Zomato acquired India operations of Eats.

3.   DoorDash

DoorDash is another customers’ favorite food delivery team. It conquered 45% of the sales, according to Secondmeasure’s analysis for April 2020 during the Coronavirus lockdown.

The race among the biggies never cease, and DoorDash acquired the top position in 2019, gaining 33% of the US market. No wonder, this led to the company to tinker for the next level—bringing IPO in the market, which is delayed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Like competition is inevitable, so are mergers and takeovers. Uber and DoorDash were in discussions last year to strike a contract for a merger, which went kaput, and the talks only remained at that level.

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4.   Postmates

Postmates, although, don’t lead the race, enjoy a good hold among the meal delivery apps and in the market. Launched in 2011, Postmates delivers in 50 states of the US. The company provides not just meals but also alcoholic beverages and groceries.

Postmates introduced its membership service named Postmates Unlimited, which comes at the cost of $9.99 monthly. This facilitates the users to get a waiver in the delivery fees with terms and conditions. And like any subscription, this has increased the customers’ footfalls and sales.

5.   Delivery Hero

Founded in 2011, Delivery Hero is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and has its business operations in 40+ markets with 22K employees. These heroes serve over 3M orders every day.

Delivery Hero acquired Foodpanda in December 2016, a meal ordering platform quite popular in Asian countries. This acquisition was an instant hit because Foodpanda helped them reach the unchartered territories where no giant company was expanding.

The business concluded its 4th quarter in 2019, with 117% YoY growth in terms of revenue. They aspire to expand their own delivery fraction to 60% by the end of 2020 from 44%.

Before We Wind Up

The analysis of the popular meal ordering apps is an endeavor to help wannabe entrepreneurs to understand the market in this niche.

People around the world always crave for quick and tasty meals at reasonable prices. What makes this urge even more appealing is the doorstep delivery that won’t also ask you to move an inch. Just tap and scroll across the screen of your phone and get going with your tasty demands.

If you also wish to satiate such cravings and serve people, our team at Cedex Technologies can help you develop a holistic app. Contact us to initiate a discussion.