Top 5 Reasons to Choose WooCommerce Over Other Platforms

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While starting an eCommerce business it is difficult to select the right platform, but you can trust the usability and compatibility of WooCommerce.

With each passing day, more and more people are starting digital stores. Especially after the Corona pandemic, the buying habits of people have changed immensely. People are now greatly familiar with eCommerce and willing to buy things online. Taking this as an opportunity, many people are taking their businesses online with eCommerce sites. You can also take advantage of the changing trend. But which platform should you choose to start an eCommerce store? Well, WooCommerce can be a great option. Here are top 5 reasons why you should choose WooCommerce over any other platform:

  1. It’s Free – We all love free things, especially when they work as efficiently as the paid ones. You can get all the features for free which can cost thousands of dollars on the other platforms. You can take advantage of all the features without paying any charges. However, if you would use premium services or plugins then you would have to pay charges for that.
  2. Compatibility and Scalability – WooCommerce is developed by WordPress, thus, the platform is compatible with almost all WordPress themes. Moreover, it is also compatible with third-party plugins. Further, what makes WooCommerce different from other platforms is that it is easily scalable. You can start an eCommerce store at a small level and scale it as your business grows. From a starting level business to giant businesses, WooCommerce can cater to the needs of all. Moreover, WooCommerce development services are easily available, and you don’t need to not put immense effort to find a developer for WooCommerce.
  3. Security and Safety – The platform comes with the trust and security of WordPress, which supports nearly 40% of the total websites in the world. When you select WooCommerce as your platform to start an online store, you can be assured that it is safe. With regular updates, WooCommerce keeps your site safe.
  4. Open Source and Customisable – It is an open source platform that means anyone can download and use it. You can customise your site according to the needs of your business. You can customise the storefront, product page, category page and checkout page. Moreover, you can also customise the payment process of the site to give your customers a shoppable experience. To customise any part of your website, you can contact a WooCommerce developer in London.
  5. SEO Friendly – WooCommerce sites are SEO that means you can optimise your site for the search engines. This can help you to rank higher on the search engine result pages. You can also take the advantage of SEO to increase the traffic on your website. As more people come to your website there are more chances that they can end up buying one of your products. You can use different techniques to increase your conversion rate so that you can convert more visitors into customers.

These are some of the top reasons for choosing WooCommerce over other eCommerce platforms. However, the list of reasons why you should choose WooCommerce is long. Conclusively, while starting an eCommerce business it is difficult to select the right platform as there are many available in the market, but you can trust the usability and compatibility of WooCommerce.