Top 5 Shopify Plus Features for Growing E-Commerce Brands

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Let’s understand Shopify Plus and its features to estimate the worth of the world’s most popular ecommerce gateway.

After the whopping success in the digital marketplace, the eCommerce giant Shopify has made a refreshing comeback in the game with its latest version Shopify Plus. It was launched in 2014 with tons of features specifically designed for enterprise solutions. Any eCommerce establishment looking to grow exponentially without the high cost of time and money can rely on Shopify Plus for online store development.

It’s not just for start-ups and small-scale ventures! Many well-known companies like Red Bull, Kylie Cosmetics, & Nestle have switched to Shopify Plus for the consumer-oriented online shopping experience. This enormous switch has clearly justified the value Shopify Plus brings to the table with its upgraded features at reasonable business costs.

However, people are still in a dilemma about using Shopify Plus given the ambiguous pricing model associated with additional platform features. Let’s understand Shopify Plus and its features to estimate the worth of the world’s most popular eCommerce gateway.

What Is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is an upgraded eCommerce platform developed to streamline online trading for enterprise-scale brands. It is not that different from its preceding variant, but it is much more efficient in terms of customization, control, store automation, and omnichannel functions. Not to mention the boosted loading speed and enhanced customer engagement as the corresponding advantages of Shopify Plus features.

Businesses that have already migrated to Shopify Plus for elevated scalability claim that it’s just a better and way more flexible version of what it used to be a few years back. When you are navigating through a constantly evolving market domain, you need to build your digital presence on a robust & error-proof ground. Not only will it help you survive the competition in the market, but it will also let you expand your horizons in terms of business expansion.

Shopify Plus, with its upgraded features, has certainly created its mark in the eCommerce sector. Evidently, not as powerful as Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, but the flexibility of customization has surely put it into the list of top-notch options! Let’s go through Shopify Plus features to see what this hype is all about.

Shopify Plus Features

It prepares your website for heavy web traffic.

Tons of organic visitors on a website is something every online store on Google dreams of! But not all of them are prepared to tackle the evasion of massive search traffic due to the lack of backend setup and server arrangements. There is nothing much you can do when your site isn’t quite ready to deal with that capacity of users on your platform.

Kylie Cosmetics faced a traffic flood of 200K visitors during a New York event, but the backend withstood the enormous crash effectively. In normal circumstances, a website with that many visitors will eventually crash. Shopify Plus prevents your shopping site from potential downtime to attain a hassle-free purchase flow online.

It allows you to think global with clone stores.

Shopify Plus lays the foundation for an extended transition that takes retail stores to different parts of the world. The business that you run in your town can go global with the help of Shopify Plus’s latest features.

With this highly derived platform, you can build a website that receives traffic not just from your country, but from other nations as well. It offers dedicated support for different languages, currencies, and payment options. With Shopify Plus, you get 10 extra store clones other than the actual one. Each storefront for a different country is a win-win for all.

It gives you full site control for customization.

Store customization is a string of eCommerce development that defines the user accessibility of your online shop. Every platform claims to offer a scope of maximum customization, but they all come with certain restrictions. With the latest features of Shopify Plus, full site customization and control is now a possibility that you can consume for safe checkout, review showcasing, fast shipping, and so much more.

It offers complete convenience with extreme automation.

Operating an online store is no less than running daily errands because both these things require a lot of your time and energy. Shopify Plus features with optimal upgrade let you host your entire online store with a super-flexible automation system and seamless sales flow. This bespoke feature can help you with inventory management, customer tags, stock-wise product optimization, cancellation of high risks orders, and automation of marketing campaigns.

It encourages multichannel experiences in your store.

The latest Shopify Plus Features let you operate an online store across various channels to tailor the customer experience at its best. Aside from your website, you can also sell products on Instagram and Facebook with additional setup. Every part of your website gets connected with your social media handles, so you don’t need to post frequent updates on social media. With Shopify Plus new features, it happens itself.

If still in doubt, you can always consult a professional eCommerce website development company to help you with the platform dilemma and suggest better changes. You can utilize all these great Shopify Plus features and craft an exceptional eCommerce experience for your users.