Top 5 Social Media Tips

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We present 5 of our favorite techniques to grow your social media presence.

Schedule Your Content

Doesn’t it seem like everything in life is better off when you know exactly when it’s going to happen? Your social media content should be no different! Scheduling your content has huge ripple effects that greatly benefit your brand. Like what, you may be asking your computer screen. Well, the main benefit is your audience gets accustomed to your posting schedule (subconsciously too, isn’t that neat!) and will be looking forward to your content.

There are a lot of tools out there but you can’t deny the capability of Later.com when it comes to Instagram scheduling. They’ve grown a lot over the years and their Instagram feed is something to marvel at. They are constantly rolling out features and are an official Instagram partner. Later.com also has a very powerful and knowledge packed Blog. Highly recommend checking them out for Instagram tips (and of course keep checking us out at Hashi Media)

Define Your Audience

Maybe this seems like a given, and maybe you’re now second-guessing yourself! Defining your audience is going to be one of the defining acts you can do, not only for your business but for your brand as a whole.

You want to zoom in as far as possible when trying to define your audience. Who resonates with the content you are sharing and why? One easy way to do that is to just look at your current customers, can you identify a trend among them? Another option is to dive into competitor analysis. What details can you lift from their target audience?

Here is a great guide that was published by Hootesuite. Another outstanding option for scheduling.

Create a Plan

Now that you have defined your target audience and are all set up with your scheduling tool of choice, it’s time to create a plan. One of the things that separate successful social media accounts and their not so successful counterparts is a well thought out strategy. Sure, you can get away with a ramshackle, do it as you go Instagram feed but you won’t see nearly the type of results as if you planned it out a little more.

Think of your plan as a starting point. The nature of these platforms is that they are always changing so you don’t want to lock yourself into one style entirely and come to find out they’ve removed a feature you rely on. This was a big problem and created an uproar when Instagram was experimenting with removing likes. As influencer what do you when something like that happens? What happens when one of the biggest metrics for your business gets removed?

Your plan should reflect your brand identity and also be accessible to your audience. Things like scheduled posts, types of content, user base demographics, and your competitor analysis should influence your social plan.

We’ll share this article that dives into more of the technical aspects of the importance of a plan. 6 reasons why you need a social media strategy

Engage With Comments

As digital marketers, this is one of those points we hate to see go untouched. So many times do business owners miss out on this pure value. Comments are warm hot leads. You definitely need to be engaging with them as soon as a comment pops into your notifications. Engaging with commenters is a surefire way to build your community up. If you build the reputation as a profile who actually interacts with their supporters, the pay off is huge. Users are more likely to recommend a friendly profile!

The engagement doesn’t have to stop with comments too! Spread the love, or likes technically. Comment on other posts and start to become known in your niche.

Test Content

Testing is without a doubt the most under utilized tactic there is. Testing your content is the only way to know if it works. If your content is the same all the way through and you haven’t seen any significant growth or engagement, then this is probably the reason why.

There’s no formula for testing but a decent rule of thumb is to take your last 5 images and see how they performed. Look at your insights and compare the data. What types of content had high engagement and what about that content drove the engagement? You have to understand your content from that sort of lens to maximize your growth!

Crazy egg has a good article on the importance of A/B testing marketing content. It’s worth the read if you want some numbers.

Well there you have it! 5 easy to do tips to help boost your social media. If you want to learn more about any of these points in specific, reach out to us and let us know! Also, please consider subscribing to our newsletter and you will be notified every time we drop some gems.