Top 5 Trends for Digital Transformation in 2017 (Part 2)

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Digital transformation has the power to reshape every single aspect of today’s business. It will require a different kind of collaboration and the traditional roles will change.

Last week we wrote a blog post about digital transformation which will bring many changes in business in a year 2017. Let’s see the other 5 trends for digital transformation.

Growing Importance of the User Experience

With digital transformation, creating the perfect customer experience is becoming the ultimate goal of every business. Great customer experience is the best way to engage customers and involve them in your activities.

Customers can interact with your business literally anywhere, so you just have to be consistent in activities which include interaction with customers. If a particular social network is your most engagement driven social media, interact there even more often and try to cause higher traffic.

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Innovation Must Happen Rapidly

In order for your business to succeed in digital transformation process, you need to implement new tools and technology as fast as possible. There is no time to waste on those resources which offer no real value. Your competitors will surely adapt more quickly if you fail to do the same.

Implemeting the new technology fast enough will give your organization a new major role on the market. This could be your one-way ticket to success!

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Big Data and Analytics

Big data analytics is the process of examining large data sets to uncover unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other potentially useful business information. Analytical findings will help businesses become more effective in marketing, use their competitive advantages over other organisations and more. Other findings like, how customer see your brand may only help.

However, only few companies are using it to maximum effect. The number of companies that use big data analytics will increase over the years. More and more important decisions will be supported by the application of data and analytics.

Image of connectivity between computer smartphone and tablet

Smart Machines and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are Taking Off in a Big Way

Soon enough machines will be able to adapt to their environments. With the improvement of technology, artificial intelligence becomes a reality. Advanced learning machines will replace low-skill jobs, especially in developed countries because of their access to advanced technology.

When we speak of complex problems, AIs will surely help human professionals solve them. AI is the future, and it will simplify daily processes and activities for many businesses.

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Destroying Silos

Lately, the role of CIO (Chief Information Officer) is dramatically changing. Every now and then new roles will appear, so we are facing roles like the Chief Customer Officer or Chief Digital Officer. It’s not just the technology that’s changing, but the entire organization must apply the new ways of working and adapt to digital trends.

You need to give more room to your employees and make collaboration easier. It is suggested to destroy silos which will enhance innovation and improve coworking.

Cartoon people repairing light bulb with gears in it

Digital transformation is inevitable and business owners need to adapt and build an agile business model in order to survive in these disruptive times. The only constant variable in business in the future will be a change, and all of us need to accept the change and mold our organizations accordingly.

Credit: Forbes.