Top 5 UI Design Trends of 2020

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The User Interface (UI) of the app is an essential factor that many businesses ignore while developing their app.

User Interface (UI) has completely changed how people interact with technology and mobile devices. If you wish to get maximum response from your target audience on your business app, you need to develop the best user interface for your business app.

The demand for top-notch app UI designers is so high that nowadays, companies hire UI designers explicitly separate from the development team. This way, they can be sure that the app gets the best designing resources.

2020 has been a big roller coaster across all the business verticals. But one thing is for sure; apps are the most significant mode of interactions between customers and businesses. Digital products and services are growing like crazy, and to stay at the top of the game, you need to give your customer the best user experience with your app.

We often come across stunning apps; some catch our eyes for their color palette while some have unique transition effects, and so on. So, let’s find out what will be the most popular UI design trends of 2020.


Every business, every product, every interaction, has a story. The one that sells the best story wins the customer. So, instead of just offering app features, your app design should offer a story, an personalized experience.

The story aims to show the app users why your product/service is awesome. People are looking for a connection in this digital world, make your users feel that connection with your brand. People are interested in reading a little more about something before getting the product or service.

In this UI design trend, you can use a mix of textual content with visual content (images, illustrations, and videos) to introduce them to your brand/product/service in a creative way, increasing the chances of conversion and user interaction.

Illustration & Animation

Almost all the recent best mobile apps have some unique animation or illustration parts in them. Animated illustrations are one of the most integral elements and the most popular UI design trend of 2020.

Whether your app illustration is based on custom graphics, visuals, hand-drawn, 2D/3D, or any other visual style, creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere would make your app and website stand out from the rest.

Illustrations and animations have a personality of their own, which can pique the interest of the viewer. If you use such fun elements in your app design, that can increase the time users spend with the app and the ratio of their overall app interaction.


After discussing illustrations, this is the perfect app UI design trend to discuss next. Microinterations, just as the name suggests, are tiny moments of user interactions with the app. For instance, the way the “Like button” responds to your touch on the Facebook app or when you pull down the screen on Instagram to load the feed.

All of them are small actions that fulfill an app action; these small actions and their fulfillment are called microinteractions. They exist in pretty much every app and website that we come across nowadays. Remember that the best UI elements are such that even with a slight change or addition, there is a massive difference in the app user response.

The microinteractions are those that we are not even aware of when we use them as they are so natural and “blended” into the app’s user interfaces. And yet if you remove it from your app, users will quickly notice that something important is missing.

The microinteraction elements of your app could assist users in navigating the platform, provide an animation based tool to collect feedback, or simply create a moment of small delight for the app user.

All in all, this UI design trend provides vital moments for your app to offer a truly human experience.

3D Graphics

This one is a hot topic of discussion amongst app UI designers and developers. The 3D graphics in mobile applications tend to significantly increase the loading time, but it is also one of the best ways to transmit visual information to the app user.

3D graphics are the ultimate visual eye candy for app users. If we compare all the other app UI elements to viewing a movie on mobile platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, 3D Graphics is watching it in the ultimate IMAX movie theatre.

However, you must remember one thing about this UI design trend. Overdoing 3D graphics in an app will not do you much good visually and will drastically increase the loading time of the page, which could become a critical issue.

Although 3D graphics have been around for a couple of decades now in movies, video games, advertisements on the streets, etc., but the most advanced 3D content for mobile apps have only been built in the last couple of years.


The Skeuomorphism UI design trend is coming back with a new touch, “New Skeuomorphism,” aka Neumorphism is here to stay. With Neuomorphism, there is a new focus in the entire design style with design factors like Highlight, Shadows, and Glows.

For the people who haven’t grasped what Neumorphism is, here’s a simplified definition. In such an app UI design style, the interactive elements like buttons are not put on the screen background, rather they are actually inside the background and are visible because they come out from within.

The general style of Neumorphism is all about solid colors, subtle contrast, and spot-on application of shadow and light. The best example of this design style would be the classic music player interface of smartphones.

The basics with Neumorphism UI Design Trend is making your app’s element and background the same color. This way, the designers can create the feel using shadow and light, that these app components are coming out from inside the background.

Apply The Best UI Design Trends of 2020

These were the five most promising UI Design Trends of 2020. Make sure that you don’t make the classic mistake of trying to fit in all the trends in a single design. 2020 is the year of subtlety and minimalism.

The right approach is to get the best app designing company as your partner, discuss all these UI design trends and choose the ones that fit perfectly with your app idea.