Top 5 Web Design Trends Not to Miss in 2020

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It’s not only mobile apps but also web design techniques that are on-trend nowadays, here are the top 5 trends which will lead to a stunning digital platform.

We live in an age driven by the internet. The latter has become the center of human activity. Unsurprisingly, web design has gained immense significance in today’s world. No enterprise can expect to achieve any significant success without leveraging the internet adequately. Maintaining a quality website for your venture is one of the basics in today’s world.

But, the world of websites is a fast-paced one with ever-changing trends and unending innovation. Thus, website designers, businesses, and other stakeholders must always be acquainted with the latest developments in the domain.

With that in mind, let us take a look at the top 5 web design trends that you cannot afford to miss in 2020:

Advanced 3-D Experience in Web Design

The latest developments in tech are adding to the excitement in the website space. Enticing 3-D capabilities is one of the major website design trends today. 3-D capabilities give users a more interactive and enjoyable experience.

Leveraging White Space for Websites

The basic aim of any website should be to ensure that users are able to access the information that they need in a hassle-free manner. Crowding your website with colours, content, and related elements end up making life difficult for the user.

The growing trend of giving websites ample white space ensures that you get a more organised look. The efficient use of white space will help highlight the important elements and navigation tools on the website. This will result in a better user experience.

Web Design in Dark Mode

Users are increasingly opting for the dark mode. The website and app design in 2020 has been cognisant of this preference. The rolling out of the dark mode feature by WhatsApp earlier this year is the best example. Websites are also moving in this direction.

In addition to giving a better look to the website, the Dark Mode offers more convenience to the user who spends a great amount of time browsing in low-light settings. Furthermore, with the number of users accessing the internet exclusively via mobile phones slated to go past 70% in the 2020s. Undoubtedly, the dark mode trend looks like it’s here to stay.

An Enhanced Role for Audio

Website design trends also point to an increase in the emphasis on audio-based content. This will allow for more efficient dissemination of information via websites. In addition, it will more specifically lead to greater inclusivity on the internet by making content more accessible to differently-abled users.

Floating Elements, Luminous Colour and Innovative Graphics

The trends in colour and graphics are slated to make the website designs more catchy or attractive. The deployment of graphics in tandem with conventional photography. Along with other innovative usages of the latter will be more common in the near future. Also, the stress on luminous colour schemes and floating elements will give a more enriching and interactive look to websites.


The website design space is vibrant with constant changes. Of course, it ensures the deployment of the most recent advances in technical and innovative capabilities. The trends discussed above, along with other factors, are sure to make the web design space more exciting in the days to come.

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