Top 7 Javascript Frameworks for Web App Development

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Web apps are popular all around the world. If you are also planning to build one, then here are some Javascript frameworks that will be ideal for you!

The trend of web app development has been hovering and rising way faster than we imagined. The core reason behind it is the utility of web apps and some innovative trends.

For instance, if you are using WhatsApp on your phone and want to use it on your PC, you can as it has an online web app. Other than this, Netflix, Amazon, Flipkart, and many more can be accessed on your system. New trends like blockchain, crypto, AI are also pushing the market up.

Top Javascript Frameworks for Web App Development in 2022

The pros of Javascript frameworks are many, and so are the number of Javascript frameworks. There can be many of you who might be confused about choosing a Javascript framework. But, not anymore!

Here is a list of the top Javascript frameworks used for web app development!


It is one of the top JS frameworks developers can use to build web applications. It has a growing community and offers great documentation. The best part about Vue.js is that it considers itself as a progressive framework, which makes it a perfect choice for newbies and experienced developers.


React is another popular Javascript framework used by developers for web app development.  It is created by Facebook and features declarative, functional, and component-based styles.


AngularJS is a great framework that is often chosen by developers for single-page applications. It is maintained by Google and offers features like two-way data binding, routing, and a view engine.


Svelte is a new Javascript framework that has gained immense popularity recently. It was created by Rich Harris, who previously co-created popular frameworks like Rollup and Webpack.


Polymer is another popular Javascript framework that helps developers to create amazing web apps. It offers features like hot-reload, which means you can make changes in the code and see them immediately reflected in the app itself.


It is a platform built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient.


Ember.JS is a front-end Javascript framework that increases developers’ speed and quality of web app development.

In short, these Javascript frameworks will be the best for you. Modern-day businesses tend to analyze a lot about these frameworks before making a choice. Based on this, they devise strategies to hire the ideal Java development company for their corporate app. This is applicable to your firm too, therefore, choose wisely!

Is there a way to choose the best JavaScript framework for web development?

If you have a Java development company, there are a number of factors that can affect your choice for a framework. The prime factor among them is the type of project that you have.

If we consider the frameworks, some factors that you have to consider are:

  • The popularity of the framework
  • Libraries and other tools
  • Skills requirement
  • Performance
  • Multi-device support
  • Security

Javascript is the most popular programming language that is used to make interactive web pages. It is also great for web apps but only if you use frameworks. Check out this write-up for some great Javascript frameworks!