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Top 8 Web Development Trends Expected to Rule 2018

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World Web Technology share information about the top 8 web development trends expected to rule 2018. Let’s explore…

The year 2017 has been full of happenings and very uncertain when it comes to web development. Last year was full of new trends that added new dimensions to the web niche that has started gaining traction this year. The trends are many that include chatbots, the craze for angular JavaScript, immature death of pagination etc.

These trends are going to simplify the website development process making the tasks of developers a simple and helping them offer an impeccable browsing experience to the end user. Here in this piece of blog, let’s discuss those top 8 web development trends in 2018 that are going to create a buzz.

1. Chatbots, AI and Machine Learning are the Future

The technological evolutions in 2018 took a new shape and offered interactive chatbots on websites. Armed with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the chatbots can get more interactive and intuitive and can also offer customized support to the end users within 24 hours. This trend is going to reach new heights in 2018 with improved customer service solving more complex issues. Almost every major social media platform and popular e-commerce platforms have started investing in Chatbots considering its future possibilities and growth. It is expected to offer an improved and personalized user experience by using these chatbots.

2. Improved Web Applications For Better User-Experience

Last year we witnessed the power of mobile apps in the online world and this year it is web application development trends that are going to steal the limelight. It is expected that we will see a steep rise in the progressive web apps for improved user experience which is the core of any business. Such web apps are in great demand by the end users in the current environment due to their features which include offline working, faster loading time, reliability and easy push notifications.

3. The Rise of Blockchain Technology

We usually know it as Bitcoin, which is Blockchain technology, coined by Satoshi Nakamoto (the person that invented bitcoin). Using this technology, users can store their data in several computers located in multiple locations all over the world. This technology has cut down the need for third-party intermediaries for transactions and is offering greater security and safety and is developing trust in the people at large. This technology has given more power to the web developers by allowing them to implement it in websites making it more secure and safer.

4. More Voice User-Interface

With voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google the online customer experience is going to improve in the year 2018. As per the Google, this voice user-interface will account for 20% of the total searches which will touch the graph of 50% by 2020. Technology-based voice assistants will be more popular in the future. Accordingly, the content on the website would be customized to attract the voice searches.

5. Back To Static Websites

In 2018 more and more businesses would return to the static websites which are more used in earlier days. Of late, with the advancement of the technology, more dynamic website come into being but now in 2018 things will go back to square. All these just to simplify the user experience. These static websites will be more advanced and feature-rich. Now the static site generators would work like CMS and turn normal text into static websites which would offer fast speed and better performance.

6. Mobile-First Design Trend

Websites will be designed with the mobile-first concept in mind in 2018 considering the ubiquitousness of mobile. It has been a primary design psychology for many years now, and it is going to catapult in future also. Earlier the major focus was to build websites primarily for desktop operations that can look decent on smaller screens.

With the changing concept and increasing mobile use, the concept of desktops became secondary. To sustain this mobile and changing design world, the need to consider concepts like one-page websites and progressive web apps has to be collectively applied. The unified approach to responsive, adaptive, and mobile-first website design will work all the way to 2018.

7. VR and AR Concepts

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) are basically a simple, quick and interactive web application development tools. It enables the marketers to reach out the wider spectrum of target audiences when used on mobile devices. It is expected that all social media will integrate AR & VR into their platforms. In fact, Snapchat has already started using AR & VR feature enabling the users to add their Bitmoji and showcase their products through the app’s camera.

8. Video Content & Backgrounds

This is yet another interesting method to attract most of the customers. This concept allows the enterprises to present their products and services to their target audience in a better way. It can act as a strong tool for conversion. It is a fact that video content increases sales many times. Every e-commerce website will have video content for displaying their product by 2020. As per estimation, video marketing can propel the CTR by 200-300% and catapult revenue generation by 97%. These days live video is gaining more popularity driving almost 300% more customer engagement than any other videos.


This is a short list of some of the most popular trends of web development which sums up as top 8 web development trends in 2018 that are going to rule the roost in 2018. There are several similarly popular trends also taking shape including web push notification, the internet of things etc. But, ultimately the trends stated above would lead, ushering in the web development segment to the future. So, hire the right web development and design company to outsource your web-based solutions to gain maximum mileage in 2018.