Top 9 Start-Up Business Ideas for To-Be Entrepreneurs in 2022

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In spite of the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a rise in start-up business activities in the US upto 24%.


Data from FreshBooks states that about 66% of small businesses outsource services to other small businesses. The reason is getting the work done quickly and using their resources in better or more important tasks.

We all know that money can’t buy happiness in life. But, it is a necessity for survival in life. To fulfil our dreams, we all need money – this compels us to work whether running one’s own or helping another one to run the start-up idea.

But, are you bored of your 9 to 5 job lately? Do you wish to gain freedom over your work hours or widen your earning scope, or maybe are you looking for higher work satisfaction? Do you know what you got to do?


Instead of doing that 9 to 5 job, become the 9 to 5 job provider to other talented resources.

Make your start-up idea so good that it is worth the risk of resigning from your regular job and switching to business full-time. Coming up with an exciting idea is all you have to do; the rest falls in place. To help you shortlist over lakhs of ideas, we have compiled a simplified list of feasible ideas for you to choose from.

Top 9 Start-up Ideas of 2021-2022 [Tech & Non-Tech]

Airbnb Co-founder, Brian Chesky, said, “If we tried to think of a good idea, we wouldn’t have been able to think of a good idea. You have to find the solution to a problem in your own life.

All we mean to say is that we agree with Brian Chesky. Your start-up idea is going to capture the market’s attention if it solves life’s fundamental problem and provides an unmatchable solution! No idea is too good or too bad

Are you full of entrepreneurial spirit but lack the tech-stack knowledge? This article has nine such start-up ideas which work great both online and offline. Check them out!

1. Laundry Services

Rather than doing such a hectic and tedious job which eats up quite a lot of time from the clock, we all prefer to hire laundry services. Gone are the days when we waited for the washerman to arrive with all the washed clothes that we gave off last week. An online application aids the customers to track the status of their clothes and their estimated delivery. Don’t worry, non-tech startups are not out of trend. You can run a hybrid business by accepting both online and offline bookings.

2. Lawn Care Business

Although everyone loves a lush green field outside the house in the countryside, maintaining the garden can be a daunting task. People often hire services when they can’t do the job by themselves. To learn how to establish a lawn care business, click here to read a complete guide.

3. Interior Decorator

Not everyone is a designer or can visualize a premise’s setup. Use your creativity and start an interior designing company. Designing homes and office spaces can be a fun task and also make your pocket heavy. Put your talent to better use and fill the void in premises with bright and colourful items. Make this magical creative non-tech start-up idea a super hit!

4. BBQ Cleaning

Barbecue grillers are used once in a while, and in that single-use, they get super greasy, and the soot layer settles on the same. In the USA, there is good and healthy competition in the griller cleaning market. Such service providers help customers with cleaning and restoring the barbecue grillers. They remove all the leftover charr, grease, fats, etc., from the griller’s surface. You can provide this service to bars, restaurants, resorts, and cafeterias. His non-tech startup idea can be accompanied by an online mobile app too for enquiries and bookings.

5. Social Media Platform

Netizens are so keen on using their mobile phones all day long. We endlessly scroll social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram feed for more updates and memes. But, we often get bored of the same platform, its format and content algorithm. Hence, launching a brand new social media app with better features like zero ads or full content user rights, etc., can drive the users towards your app. Thus, this will make your start-up idea the most rocking one.

6. Smart Waste Management System

Establishing something unique that does not have a lot of competition can be both easy and challenging in different aspects. Like, it can be not easy to decide on the final features and services but, it can be easy to gain customers’ attention. These systems are equipped with sensors that separate the waste from one another and recycle the possible items. This is a fascinating idea for a technology start-up and involves the latest IoT technology that will get you high-valued projects in the community.

7. Pet Products

With remote working, consistent lockdown and fear of not stepping out, humans have been adopting and bringing home furry friends. Spending so much time at home, compassion towards animals has seen an upsurge since mid-2020. These pets need specialized care in regards to food, shelter, clothes, medicines, etc. There are ample breeds of animals that eat only particular items – dealing in such products can be a great source of income. Also, you can digitize this business by launching an e-commerce app with informative blogs that can make you the only app with information and products.

8. Online & Offline Consulting Services

Everyone has a knack for something or the other. One might be an expert in IT, whereas the other one might be a digital marketing expert. Businesses in all fields need advice and assistance with their daily jobs. You can become a consultant or even hire employees who can provide business-related assistance to your clients. This is a booming business, and adding this critical third-eye perspective into someone else’s business can help them greatly.

9. Dance or Yoga Class

You don’t even need a formal classroom for this. All you need is some open space; your terrace or backyard works perfectly fine. You can use your yoga knowledge or dance skills to teach the students in your class and charge them a fee on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. This way you will exercise regularly and also earn by imparting the training.

Concluding Words…

Out of the 9 master blaster ideas described above, you can choose the one that suits your interest and skills the most. There are three main elements for a business start-up to run successfully – a good leader with a cooperative team, a serious approach and consistent efforts in business, and optimized utilization of available resources.

Always keep the market trend and competition in mind before choosing the technical or non-technical start-up idea to be turned into reality. After all, this is your dream business. Take as much effort as you can for the best results!

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!