Top Android Application Development Trends 2021

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This blog provides the top android application development trends in 2021 and it will help you to build a great android app.

Android is one of the demanding mobile operating systems, which covers a market of 85% with more than 4 million Android applications in the Google Play Store. Also, when it comes to building a mobile app, the Android operating system gets all the attention. Android Application Development is user-friendly and has been leading the industry for years.

If we look to the future of Android development there are many cool innovations using the latest trends in 2021. The coming years with Android application development are quite promising and help put it ahead of the competition. If you plan to create a digital product with Android app development, then read on and discover the top android development trends.

Android Development Trends one shouldn’t miss out

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning

AI is a subset of ML. It refers to a set of programming technique which allows the application to learn and improve without being programmed. The approach used here is handy and helps to solve problems that include a large number of parameters. Android apps support a wide range of ML tools and methods. It helps to implement cutting-edge functionality by making it easier for users.

2. Google Assistant or Chatbots

Today, most business owners are interested in integrating their services and content using Google Assistant. Now, link to specific activities using a virtual assistant. Use Android slices to display the most critical content from your app to users to Assistant.

3. Wearable App Integration

It’s a technology that grows progressively all around the globe. Based on Statista, the connected devices are expected to reach 929 million by 2021. By using technological advancements, one can independently operate from their own devices. The wearable apps are rising its popularity of wearable gadgets utilizing the Android SDK with an exceptional design and functionality.

4. Android Instant Apps

Instant apps are apps that don’t need installation. It allows native apps and games to launch on devices. Here, developers build instant apps using Android Studio. It provides an instant app using Android studio. Google Play Instant offers two levels of experience, which comes with basic and enhanced ones. Use instant apps and launch an instant experience from any surface area to launch URL. Use the best android development services for better results.

5. IoT (Internet of Things)

Implementing IoT is one of the other trends that’s rolling around the world. It allows developers to build devices on top of popular hardware platforms such as Raspberry Pi. For this, developers do not need any knowledge of the embedded system to get started. Instead, one develops apps that’s use Android SDK and Android Studio. Get connected with your app to Google services and integrate extra peripherals. Once you’re done with IoT app development, get started with publishing your code to devices.

6. Kotlin Multiplatform

It allows developers to create new exciting features like multiplatform projects and are still available in Kotlin 1.2 and 1.3. It does support systems and technologies like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, JavaScript, and other embedded systems like STM32. By using multiplatform, developers can build components and share code as needed. As code reuse comes with profound benefits, we can take Kotlin as its advantage for mobile app development.

7. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

One of the best examples of AR/VR is Pokemon Go. They have used AR and VR technology which stands on top of the mobile app development trends. Google is all set to innovate tons of new AR uses, and the best example is Google Maps. It provides people with directions from their camera phones in real-time. Statista’s study says, by 2021, AR integration would be one of the latest android development trends in 2021 to gives a seamless experience to the users.

8. Mobile App Security to Gain Attention

In these times, it isn’t new to have mobile app security. People have admitted that they need to give security to gain attention from the audience. Most businesses are today investing more in cybersecurity which directly links to data protection and information privacy policy. Research shows, by 2021, the mobile app development industry would shift its security approach by laying the roadmap for using robust strategies. Hire an Android Developer and get the best possible services from us.

9. Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is an exceptional technology that provides a smart strategy for publishers to boost visibility in mobile search. It helps to improve SEO and organization to speed up a performance that impacts website ranking. Google says an AMP website loads four times faster than an average non-AMP website. Therefore, using AMP in SERPs helps to drive more traffic to your website.

10. Cloud-based Android Apps

Nowadays, Mobile apps become difficult without cloud space. Therefore, most organizations and app developers turn towards using cloud-based apps, which simplify the heavy loading burden. Keep your data safe and secure by storing data in the cloud, without using phone memory. Now access the app easily anytime and anywhere.

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Final Thoughts

We can find zillions of mobile apps in Google Play and other play stores. With the above mobile app development trends, we can say that the mobile app industry will continue to grow and expand rapidly. Therefore, we need to stand out in this highly competitive development space. For that business leaders must stay with the trends.

Mobile app platform development technologies with rising backend platforms and microservices are emerging. Use the combined new hardware technologies and trends and continue to steer mobile app’s evolution. Hire an Android App developer and build scalable, robust, and reliable mobile apps.