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When your homepage headline reads “excellence through automation” you pretty much have to deliver great AI. After all, it doesn’t say “doing alright through automation” or “decent outcomes through automation.” Of course, the people at have been delivering on their promise of excellence since launching the agency in 2017.

Today, is a team of over 20 people who develop and deliver technology solutions that help your company achieve in-house efficiency. In other words, they’re not just out to do work for hire and get paid. builds the capacity of the companies they work for by giving them AI that continues to learn and improve long after client engagement.

By putting improvement in the clients’ hands serves more as an enabler than more traditional agencies. This approach leads to being asked to tackle some unique challenges. Clients look to them not to just deliver a product, but create efficient systems, in sometimes unexpected ways.

Traffic Reduction Service?

It’s rare for a client to call an agency and say “we need your help reducing our traffic,” but that’s exactly what digital car reselling marketplace, NEOSTAR asked to do. NEOSTAR lets car sellers come to their studio for a 360° car photo shoot. There NEOSTAR staff members would manually inspect cars for problems. This process was eating up valuable staff time, so NEOSTAR looked for a technological solution that would allow car sellers to snap photos, send them in and get a thorough inspection without coming into the studio. built an AI-empowered photo collecting system that lets sellers take photos. Car sellers can photograph their cars on parking lots, and NEOSTAR employees are left with more time to focus on the final car check.

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