Top Digital Agency Unveils New Brand Identity

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TDA Unveils New Brand Identity Ahead of Release of the Platform in June 2018.

Zagreb, Croatia – 6 March 2018: Today, Top Digital Agency (TDA) unveils its new brand identity and aesthetic ahead of the platform’s public release in June. TDA chose to rebrand before the platform’s full-scale release to match the quality of the upcoming service.

TDA’s CEO, Goran Deak, only had optimistic thoughts about the rebranding, and release in June. “Exciting times are happening in the digital agency industry. The digital industry is growing by the minute and the meaning behind ‘digital agency’ is following that change. Top Digital Agency has set on conquest of revolutionizing this niche market. With over 10 years in marketing and IT industry, I know that the challenges are considerable, but opportunities we will present for agencies and organizations in the following months will be equally transformational. With the start of this process, we wanted to create new branding which will follow everything mentioned above.”

To effectively match such monumental ideas, the design and feel of the original website had to be changed. The aesthetic and design changes of the site were discussed and implemented by TDA’s design team, who reworked the entire brand’s identity (online and offline) in the previous months. First was the redesign of their logo, which has changed from a text-rich logo to a more minimalistic design; the logo was changed to be a circle, which consists of a black to purple gradient starting on the left side of the logo and ending on the right, additionally, the logo features the entire TDA name along its right edge.

The site was also redesigned to match these logo changes, featuring a deep, luxurious purple gradient. Paraphrasing the design team, purple indicates elegance, luxury, and dignity due to the fact that it appears so rarely in nature. Additionally, the use of gradient effects has improved the modernness of the site while adding an interesting sense of action, and movement, through the transitioning colors in the gradient. Combined, all of these elements create an elegant, minimalistic, modern, and dynamic agency identity to effectively lead up to the release of the service in June.

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