Top E-commerce Website Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2022
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It is necessary to associate with expert e-commerce website development services to leverage the latest e-commerce web development trends.

Today, most companies are crawling to stay ahead of the competition. It is opening doors to a lot of opportunities across different regions. For companies to match up with the pace of the digital world, it is necessary to associate with expert e-commerce website development services to leverage the latest e-commerce web development trends.

If you want to know the latest trends in e-commerce web development in 2022, this blog would help you learn about them in brief.

Statistics of the e-commerce market

  • E-commerce is predicted to make $5.42 trillion by the year 2022.
  • According to a Nasdaq survey, 95% of every purchase done would be via e-commerce in the near future.
  • Hence, businesses should incorporate the latest e-commerce web development trends to get maximum ROI.

Latest e-commerce website development trends in 2022 you should know about

Contactless payment

Well, contactless payments are on the rise in the e-commerce sector since the COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to omnichannel e-commerce, you can see voice-enabled smart devices are playing a crucial role in promoting contactless payments to offer speed and flexibility.

With contactless payments, payments can be done through different methods like Net Banking, Credit or Debit card, Wallet, UPI, etc.

Voice assistant

This technology is creating a buzz in the digital market. Voice commerce works on voice recognition technology to allow the purchase of services and products. It helps customers to place an order via voice commands in place of typing.

The users search & buy the products/services using a microphone with VDA – virtual digital assistants – like Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Voice commerce has changed the entire shopping experience for customers.

Mobile shopping

As more and more people are using mobile phones, mobile shopping is gaining momentum. 73% of retail e-commerce is predicted to be fetched via mobile commerce. A lot of aspects contribute to the growth of mobile shopping which includes the use of mobile phones for carrying out almost everything we do in our lives, like paying bills, shopping, ordering food, etc

Headless commerce

The buying pattern has changed a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it is necessary to bring changes in e-commerce website development solutions so that the e-commerce businesses can cater to the changing demands of the customers.

Headless commerce introduces the much-needed change. It splits the back and front end of the e-commerce app. Headless commerce helps businesses to craft personalized experiences for customers. It needs APIs to ensure a systematic and consistent experience over multiple devices.

With the help of headless commerce, the challenges of IT can be eradicated easily. It enables flawless front-end modification as it doesn’t rely on back-end updates.

Latest e-commerce website design trends in 2022 you should know about

We can see massive and rapid enhancement in technology along with the introduction of e-commerce design and development solutions that are competitive and flexible.

Just like the latest trends in e-commerce web development, you can explore the trends in website designing in 2022 to stay updated. So, let us start exploring them.

Interactive designs

Today, having a basic and standard website wouldn’t help you attract visitors to your site to scale your business. You need to focus on interactive designs to grab the target audience.

With an interactive website design, you can offer an excellent user experience. Having a user-friendly and impressive design would help you gain brand recognition and boost your conversion rate. Try to include an explanatory video of the products you wish to sell along with a three-dimensional image of the products.

Asymmetrical layouts

While designing the layout of any website, it is not easy to manage asymmetry. Even a small error can make your layout look cluttered. On the other hand, when done accurately, you can get a perfect layout that offers an impressive website.

Utilize bold colors

The only way you can gain a huge customer base is through an impressive website. Hence, a lot of websites choose bold and contrasting color schemes over plain and simple ones. Certainly, the trend has changed from neutral and sober colors to bold color themes.

Dark mode

It is one of the latest trends in website designs that are compatible with OLED screens mainly present in mobile phones. With the increase in mobile commerce, the trend proves to be quite helpful from a future perspective.

So, the dark mode allows you to add a catchy and impressive design to represent your brand. Dark mode allows you to accentuate some integral elements on the website and stand out from the rest.

Integration of smart content

Content plays a crucial role to represent your brand. Today, websites are moving towards intelligent content that comprises interactive graphics, statistics, 3D images, helpful videos, and a lot more.

The main objective to include all of the above elements is to boost customer engagement. With smart content, you can reach a large customer base. A lot of e-commerce websites are using smart content to stay ahead of the competition.

Reduced page load time for the website

Most e-commerce websites work towards improving customer experience by integrating smart strategies. The e-commerce businesses know that reduced website page load time & page speed are one of the most vital website design trends they need to consider in 2022.

With high page load times, an e-commerce business can enhance SEO and rank better on search engines. This is the reason why businesses are paying more attention to reducing page load times.

Payment diversification

It is amongst the crucial website designing trends seen in 2022. With payment diversification methods, e-commerce websites can accept payments through multiple gateways and sources.

Hence, customers are not restricted to using only credit/debit cards to make purchases. They can use other payment options that include UPI payment, net banking, etc. It has offered an improved customer experience for those engaged in online shopping.

Personalized filters & content

Most websites now focus on showing personalized content that matches the shopping trends and locations. This has been possible through big data technology. The use of geo-location & maps helps e-commerce websites to display products according to your tastes and preferences.

Also, this feature allows enhancing customer satisfaction thereby cutting down efforts to search for the product of their choice. Rather, the product of customers’ choice is shown directly through personalized content.

As a customer, you can filter your preferences using multiple options given on e-commerce sites. The filters let you pick a product from a particular category.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, the e-commerce sector is changing and evolving constantly. So, e-commerce websites should stay updated with the current trends. The blog has listed a few of the latest trends, while there are many more in the e-commerce industry like drones, facial recognition, AI-enabled customer sourcing, etc.

But, you need to know your business requirements and potential audience before adopting the trends that best suit your needs.

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