Top Five Clients That Will Benefit from Hiring a Boutique Digital Marketing Agency

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It is no surprise how critical marketing operations can be in scaling up your business. You have two options, (1) hiring in-house marketers or (2) outsourcing.

When it comes to outsourcing, there are dozens of options at your disposal. You can hire through various online platforms, approach a variety of different agencies, or look for freelancers within your own networks. Depending on who you are, you will find the right fit accordingly. We often do not see hiring from the other party’s point of view and merely go out looking for the best we can find. However, it is important to figure out what type of client you are and the kind of interaction you are looking for. The intention must be clear from the onset. Hiring a digital marketing agency, specifically a boutique firm with a highly skilled team, will tremendously benefit you if you identify yourself with one of the following five types of clients:

Established Large Firms Looking for Some Creativity

There is a reason why large corporations outsource their work to either established creative agencies or boutique agencies that can help fulfil their brand awareness goals. With their already large audiences, creative content is key in order to increase engagement. In today’s fast-paced social media world, it is important to deliver creative content regularly and keep your audience engaged. Larger agencies do not provide the speed, efficiency, and creativity that comes with a smaller, agile team. The special thing about hiring boutique agencies is that younger individuals on the team are able to share their creative ideas and push them to the surface. The barriers are breaking and the marketing heads of larger companies are now more open to the idea of smaller agencies consulting on major projects as they believe it will help align their brand with their audiences through independent creative processes and distinct concepts.

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Tech-Savvy Companies

Businesses that provide either software-based products or services are more likely to use digital advertising versus print media to promote themselves. Tech-savvy teams are easy to communicate with, as well as easy to approach for feedback and approvals. Moreover, they are able to understand the intricacies involved in a successful marketing campaign (which is often based on a successful website, timely CRM management, etc.). From the company’s perspective, it is important that they can rely on an agency that is able to implement changes quickly and fulfill technical tasks that are necessary as part of the marketing process. It is easier to work together when you speak the same language.

Well-Funded Startups

Effective marketing strategies require a minimum budget. Agencies can be like well-oiled machines that provide you with all the necessary support to propel your business. With too small of a marketing budget, the return on investment is marginal. In these instances, it is sometimes more effective to hire a freelancer to help you get to the next step at which point you can look for additional funding options. Another option for SMEs and smaller businesses is hiring a digital marketing agency to create a stellar marketing strategy and implement it either yourself or hiring a more affordable freelancer. Some individuals who are not as familiar with digital marketing do not realise that having a website and a small presence for the sake of having something online is not effective enough. Your website is just the front door to your business, however, you need a way of attracting visitors. In the end, you either pay by using your time or money. There is an investment required and it is important to strategically pool together talent that can help you execute an effective plan.

Businesses That Know Exactly What They Want

The first step in any marketing plan is to define your objectives. Whether it is brand awareness, generating conversions, lead generation, gaining market share, or engaging with your audience, it is important to know what favourable results would look like. Painting a good picture helps align all marketing efforts towards clear and measurable objectives. Digital marketing advantageously allows you to easily measure and track results compared to other offline marketing activities. Whether you are at the top or bottom of the funnel, it is possible to track the results. Define your goals as it is important to know what the problem is before finding a solution.

Companies Looking for the Full Package

No one succeeds alone. As businesses grow, they require various skill sets. The benefit of hiring an agency is that you do not have to go about the recruitment process again and again. If you initially find synergy with individuals that are part of the agency, it is bound to translate with others on the team. The agency effectively becomes an extension of your team. Whether you need copywriters, graphic designers, PPC marketers, SEO specialists, or web developers, agencies can be that one-stop-shop and can be the end to all your time-consuming recruitment efforts.

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