Top New Features and Updates of Angular 13 That You Need To Know

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Angular 13 features offer significant changes and advancements for app development. Check out what is new in Angular 13 here.

Angular launched the new version it is Angular 13. You can realize that it was an effectively planned version because many new features and improved functionalities can be seen for the convenience of developers.

Angular 13 release date was November 3, 2021. The brand new release of Angular has come up with many helpful features to speed up the development process. We as an AngularJS development company are presenting you with some of the important features in the below section. Have a look and update your app with this brand-new release.

Top New Features and Updates in Angular 13

The latest update to the popular framework of Google is here now. So, have a look at the most streamlined and previously planned Angular version 13 features and develop an engaging and robust app with more ease now.

Simplified API

The boilerplate was missing to create code for developers in the previous version. But, Angular 13 allows developers to write code dynamically with the help of its Ivy. Earlier, developers had to inject ComponentFactoryResolver into the constructor for developing a component. But now, you don’t have to create an associated factory for developing a component. You can do the same with the ViewContainerRef.createComponent.

Changes in the Angular Package Formate

APF (Angular Package Formate) defines the format and structure of the Angular Framework Packages. It is a helpful approach for packaging all third-party libraries effectively in the web development ecosystem. Moreover, the new version of APF brings significant changes. There is no production of UMD bundles anymore. APF utilizes the package exports using the sub-path pattern feature from Node JS. Consequently, it shows several available outputs at every entry point.

Component Improvements

There are many component improvements in the Angular 13. You can find better ARIA descriptions, larger touch target sizes, default role to the table, strong focus option for the slider, stepper updates, and high contrast styling buttons for icon buttons. Moreover, Angular developers can use fake mouse-down events. So, whenever focus and click events happen on screen, the apps will rightly interpret them in v13. It is one of the helpful Angular 13 features for developers.

100% Ivy

Angular 13 has removed the view engine so, 100% Ivy is one of the new features in Angular 13. As a result, faster compilation and increased productivity are possible on this platform. It opened the doors for more optimization and improvements. Now developers can ensure quality improvements in dynamic components.

New Features in CLI

CLI is an important improvement in the Angular latest version. It helps to standardize the process of handling the complexities that come in the modern web ecosystems. Moreover, CLI minimizes these complexities on large scale. The development process speeds up because the Angular 13 framework has built-cache as a default feature. So, you can hire AngularJS developers for the fast development of your project.

End of Internet Explorer 11 Support

You can enjoy the benefits of native web APIs and features of a modern browser like web animations, Angular framework, and CSS variables because now Angular framework has removed IE 11 support. Consequently, it allows a quicker load and a smaller bundle size for apps. Moreover, the user experience is improved because there is no need for distinctive loading. It is a piece of crucial information for the companies that are still using internet explorer 11.

Improvements in Localization

There are two concepts, one is internationalization and another is localization. Internationalization is sometimes referenced as i18, which is a process of designing and preparing projects for the various locals in the world. Localization includes extracting text for translation into different languages and formating data for specific locales. In the Angular 13 new component, you can see improvements in localization.

Support by TypeScript 4.4

Angular doesn’t support TypeScript 4.2 and 4.3, but Angular 13 supports TypeScript 4.4. This change is helpful for Angular coders as they can keep the code clean and safe. Some changes are control flow analysis, spelling suggestions for JavaScript, Symbols as index signature, class static blocks, inlay hints, and exact optional property type. More updates are IntelliSense improvements, improved type guard detection, and defaulting to unknown type catch variable.

Framework & Dependency Updates

RxJS 7.4 is the default for apps built with ng new in Angular 13. The existing version is using RxJS v6.x, and these apps have to be manually updated using the npm install rxjs07.4 command. Moreover, support for TypeScript 4.4 is also helpful in the dependency updates. Angular developers can expect less memory intensive, less interdependent, quick, and more optimized tests.

Ergonomic APIs

Ergonomic code-splitting APIs and agranular code disruption at a component level help to improve the load time in Angular 13. You can see the enhancement in the performance because of a new release of ESBuild. It is a highly rapid JavaScript bundle that works with Terser to optimize worldwide scripts. Moreover, ESBuild supports CSS source maps. Furthermore, this bundler supports other languages like Vue, Svelte, and EIM.

Inline Support for Adobe Fonts

Previously, Angular 11 introduced support for inlining Google fonts, now Angular 13 is extending support to Adobe fonts. You can improve the performance of your app with the help of inlining fonts. The improve the FCP (First Contentful Paint). Moreover, the improvements for the router help to avoid replacing the browser URL.

So, if you are looking for what is Angular latest version all about, these points will help you. Let’s move ahead and know how to update Angular 13.

How to Update the New Angular Version 13?

If you want to update your app in the new Angular version 13, you need to download Angular 12. Now follow the guide to update your existing app in the new Angular version 13.

Wrapping Up

Now you know the significant updates and features in Angular 13, so you can use them to build an impressive app in a short time. Moreover, you can get an app that supports modern app development standards to attract more traffic to your app. Contact a Javascript development company to know more.