Top Reasons Your Website Will Never Do Well

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Businesses and individuals wonder why their website isn’t really doing well. There are many reasons.

Starting from the website design agency you contracted to help build the website, to the type of content you have on the website and the general optimization of the website.

When discussing top reasons your website will never do well, the power of optimization can’t be over-emphasized. In optimisations we would be looking at:

1). Content optimization

  • Image optimization
  • Text optimization

2). Design optimization

  • Script/code optimisation
  • Css minification
  • Js minification

3). Search engine optimization

  • Onpage Optimisation
  • Technical Optimisation
  • Offpage Optimisation

A good website design company would prioritize optimization to avoid these reasons for the website not doing well. Content around your website should be well managed and images should be used strategically. We know images and videos speak a thousand words, but consciousness is key when utilizing images for website layout.

Top reasons your website will never do well

Below are some hints to note:

  • Poorly structured website
  • Poor content structures and setups
  • Poor content optimization
  • Lack of clear content focus
  • Poor menu and navigation makeup
  • Poor schema structures
  • Poor title and meta tags
  • Poor (SEO) search engine optimization
  • Poor color scheme
  • Non-attractive contents or articles
  • Inadequate page word count
  • Poorly structured CTA’s call to action button
  • Poor user experience
  • Poor link structures

How can content optimization make my website perform better?

Your website is sure to perform 10 times better if your content is well optimized and organized. Reasons because people like to read well-arranged content of interest.

Website user bounce rates tend to reduce, with well-optimized content and interesting articles that catch the eyes of your users.

Content optimization can improve your website response time because content optimization also involves the optimization of your website images for better and faster load time. Users don’t want to get tired waiting for your website to load up, as the average page load time for mobile and desktop should be 5 seconds. Anything higher than 5 seconds is already too long, and that isn’t cool.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) is another cool way to help optimize your website contents particularly media asset such as images and videos. We have several CDN that users could choose from:

How can design optimization improve my website?

Design optimization is key to every website and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Design optimization involves and includes optimizing every single code of your website.

These includes :

  1. Javascript minification
  2. CSS minification
  3. Browser cache system to reduce server response time
  4. G-zip compression and the likes

Code minification: The word minify simply represents compression, it is the actual process of code compression from its actual size to a relatively smaller size which doesn’t affect the overall functionality of the actual code. This medium takes away unnecessary elements from the code structure, e.g space, new line and more.

Code minification reduces 10% – 95%of the actual code size! This ensures your website runs faster than previously.

How does Search Engine Optimisation help websites?

Most websites are dead upon arrival because the owners never had a plan of creating the required awareness, such website required, with the belief that since it’s up in the clouds it can always be spotted.

But truly, it doesn’t work that way, having a website is just the first step in the journey, search engine optimization is a process within the journey.

The importance of search engine optimization can’t be looked out by any online business owners. Apart from it making your website visible on Google and other search platforms. The focus is and should be what type of attention the website is getting.

How well do I rank on search networks? How many returning visitors am I getting? and how many users come to my website daily?