Tops Tips for Hiring the Perfect Mobile App Developer

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Hiring a mobile app developer is a crucial step for your business. There are a few key points that you need to keep in mind when choosing who to hire.

Hiring for mobile app development is a crucial step for your business. The businesses often keep the team of developers for their in house projects whereas few IT companies hire the software development agencies offshore or onshore. The quality of custom iOS app development is heavily influenced by a better understanding of the mobile development process. Therefore there are a few key points that need to be kept in mind while hiring the mobile app developer. Many companies prefer to outsource the development process for gaining the benefit of skills which otherwise comes out costly with in-house developers.

It is recommended to address the following issues for approaching a mobile development company:

  • Knowledge of apps’ objective and essential features.
  • List out the mandatory and additional features. Stick to the minimum viable product for the initial phases for the sake of reducing the complexity and keeping the cost down.
  • Incremental building in the consequent phases.
  • Not the standard features that reflect quality and quality.

The stakeholder must prepare the summarized proposal with the above points. You must approach the developer when you have a clear idea of the application, its features, and its purpose. Finding a good developer is a difficult process. Quality products are tough to make, more tough is the maintenance. Always give enough time to find the team which can make a long term relationship with.

To Find the Perfect Developer, You Must Stay Mindful of the Following:

  1. Communication
  2. Perfect skill
  3. Find a motivated employee
  4. Align with your company’s goal
  5. Check the professional profiles
  6. Product and service offerings
  7. Decide the development process
  8. Pulling back the process
  9. Timing
  10. Legal
  11. Testing
  12. User experience and UI design


Communication is the most important skill for any type of job. The simplest of custom iOS app development becomes harder when the communication is not optimum. For example, if you are working over the mobile app development project, and your developer needs to share the aesthetic sense to the client. If he is not good at communication, it becomes impossible to get the basic design of a mobile app. It is preferred to check the communication skill of an employee while hiring.

Perfect Skill

A project necessarily demands a particular skill set. If an employee is up to date with the advanced technology he would be able to develop better software. While hiring you must ask the creative and technical questions to judge the problem-solving skills and its and decision-making skills of the developer. Also, the employer must facilitate the employees with continuing education so that we can improve the technical skills and stay upgraded with the latest technology equipment.

Find a Motivated Employee

According to human resource experts, there are two kinds of categories among employees. First is the highly motivated employee who works ambitiously to achieve the goals. Second is the employee which only works for money and has no ambitions. An employee needs to organize the difference between two employees understand that motivate employees are better for the long run irrespective of the experience and the technical skill for both iOS and android app development company. These employees possess the capability to achieve greater in their life which is also the focal point for unicorn companies.

Align With Your Company’s Goal

Even the motivated employees are of no use to the company if their goals are not aligned with the company goals. If you hire an app developer not coordinating with your company goals, either you must stay ready for adjusting your company goals or to bear the complication in the mobile app development project. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a person who wishes to learn and achieve goals. Hiring an experienced candidate simplifies the process of development, whereas when you hire a fresh candidate it brings new and innovative ideas. Your project team must contain a number of fresh candidates and experienced employees, as it will make a strong foundation with useful technical skills and market knowledge.

Check Professional Profiles

You must hire a candidate according to their personal profiles. It helps you to know the technical skills and management skills. Most mobile app development projects demand creativity and a mix of analytical skills. Therefore, it is necessary to get knowledge of social circles and their active and passive social media profiles.

Product and Service Offerings

If you are looking to hire a mobile app development agency for custom iOS app development, the things to pay attention to are different. Here you need to understand the infrastructure including the hosting environment and maintenance services. Alongside, you must get the knowledge of customized product and the standard apps built by the company. The app development is not a one-time task and therefore the businesses need to keep their product timely updated. The versioning system of the apps is necessary because the base OS is continuously changing, a tedious task for an android app development company.

You must ask how the updates and subsequent versions are published along with the numbers of revisions and costing for the same. Some companies make use of Basecamp to take customers in the product development journey. Self-service client dashboards offer control over updates and activities, such as push alerts. Ultimately, you must choose the company which offers a full stack approach including development, testing, support, maintenance, and analytics.

Decide Upon the Development Process

The first discussion with the android app development company must highlight the development and post-development process. The clarification of roles and responsibilities must be decided in prior. Building the web services for data feeds, performance testing and security must be allocated to different roles. Noticeably, it must be ensured that the parts of mobile development are not being outsourced.

Pulling Back the Process

Pulling back the process is an unwanted but critical process that happens. Unfortunately, if you are not satisfied with the development updates or want to give the project to another mobile app development company, then you need to pull the project back. you must ensure the knowledge and product transition.

Also, your role is to check the responsiveness and follow up communication. A good developer’s credibility can be ensured with the concurrency of the information transition and the update of the latest tools.


Timescale management is nothing but setting the action over milestones. When you set up the first discussion with the developer, you must ask the developer about similar projects. This helps you in getting the knowledge of estimated time to develop a project. You must ask vendors, how long the development process takes. The project development time includes the development of a prototype, wireframe, UI design, and backend development. Alongside, the process including testing and uploading to the app store is also part of the development process.

The app submission times also differ accordingly. iTunes takes 4-7 days of development while Google play works over instant uploads. Hire an app developer who clearly communicates the timescales and the properties of the pipeline. Hire a developer who clearly communicates the estimated development time and the priorities beforehand.


While hiring the developer, the stakeholder must also sign the legal terms. The amateur developer sometimes reuses the same code elsewhere, which fringes with the security of your application. The ownership of the app comprises the security of the source code. Before finalizing the developer of your app you need to sign the disclosure agreement which also holds your business IP, that is needed to be secured.


Mobile app development is not over at the rendering of the code. The app must be tested beforehand over multiple screen sizes. Your app user can any anyone with any type of device. The quality of the app must not be compromised because it is the only reason for your app success. Also, you should ask the developer about the testing process and feedback solutions. How the bugs are fixed and how the updates are rendered is the question that is necessary to ask.

User Experience and UI Design

UX and UI are the core component of a mobile app. The apps which are handy to run works well and become more successful. The filter when finding the right candidate is the designing capabilities. The understanding of developers for UI, UX, and responsive designs ensures the quality of frontend. The developer who opts for simplicity and reflects the innovative designing skills is always better for your project.


Finding the perfect developer for your app development project is a process. Keeping the above things in mind, you can find the right team of developers and the pool of talent. Once your development team is competent, you can invest time over more fantastic features and save your time and cost in the long run. I would recommend you hire a mobile app development company satiating your project needs, which ensures the timely completion of the project and the optimum security.