TV Advertising vs. Online Advertising: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Today, almost all brands have put a significant portion of their investment into the online advertising sector.

Online or digital advertising took over TV advertisements in 2016. Since then, marketers are continuously trying to figure out the ideal marketing mix that could benefit their brands and increase their sales and returns. And online marketing revolutionized the whole advertising or marketing world.

By the end of 2021, it is expected that TV advertisements will make up less than a third of all advertising budgets. In contrast, online advertising will account for about half of the advertising budget.

Compared to TV advertising, online advertising has plenty of advantages in reaching out to the customers and cost. This is why many marketers shift from TV advertising to online marketing.

Let’s dig into the advantages of TV advertising and online advertising and compare them.

What is TV advertising?

Television was introduced to us in 1939. Since then, it is an effective advertising medium because of its excellent potential to reach out to a large audience.

A TV advertisement is a span of television programming that conveys a message, promotes, and aims to market a product or service. It is produced and paid for by an organization.

Advantages of TV advertising:

Convenient and Flexible: Television is a convenient and flexible medium of advertisement because of its popularity. TV advertising helps marketers to reach an audience on a national and international level.

Strong Impact: TV advertisement uses both audio and visual effects (combinations of sound, color, drama, and sight), which helps marketers substantially impact their audience with a persuasive and strong message.

Mass Coverage: TV advertising has the potential to spread your message to a large number of audiences. Almost every household today has at least one TV, so it is practically effortless to spread a message among many audiences.

What is Online Advertising?

Online advertising is a newer form of advertising and one of the most effective ways for businesses to expand their reach, find new customers, raise brand awareness and diversify their revenue streams.

Main advantages of online advertising:

Cost-Effective: Online advertising is cost-effective and doesn’t require such a heavy expenditure like TV advertising or any other advertising form. Also, it covers a larger audience than any other form of advertising.

Extensive Coverage: It provides comprehensive coverage. Unlike other forms of advertising, online advertising covers a more significant audience worldwide at the same time.

Considerable Capacity Information: Online advertising permits marketers to provide as much online information as they want, without restriction.

Here we focused on positive things and explained only the advantages. If you want to find out the disadvantages of TV advertising and online advertising, read our article TV Advertising vs. Online Advertising, Advantages and Disadvantages.