Underscore Marketing Awarded Excellence in SEO and Media Planning Services

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Digital business publication, CV Magazine, announced the winners of the 2020 Corporate Excellence Awards.

Underscore Marketing, a strategic media agency with a focus on brands that contribute to health and wellness, has been awarded the title of “Excellence in SEO and Media Planning Services, 2020 – New York.” This honor was based on comprehensive analysis of qualitative and quantitative research, ensuring merit was given properly across many industries.

The Corporate Excellence Awards celebrate organizations that are exceeding goals, creating innovative breakthroughs, demonstrating superior knowledge and expertise, and improving their business method and strategies.

Underscore connects brands with their ideal audiences through nuanced insights and efficient media solutions that combine the best in AI with media experts who know how to guide this innovative technology.

Specialties include hyper-targeting consumers, patients with conditions ranging from minor to severe and/or rare diseases, and health care professionals (HCPs) and payors.

“Our structured media planning approach and emphasis on the small nuances that make big differences is our formula for success,” said Underscore’s CEO Lauren Boyer.

Underscore performs diligently to provide the best media solutions for brands looking to reach narrow audiences or broad audiences with unique nuances. Lauren and her team of over 50 media practitioners will confidently continue to maintain this high standard.

About Underscore Marketing LLC.

Underscore delivers media strategy and ROI focused insights that use a combination of AI and human intelligence to ensure your marketing campaigns produce the strongest results. Go beyond what AI-alone can yield with a team of experts focused on making advertising media simple and maximizing Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). To learn more, please visit https://www.underscoremarketing.com/

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Samantha Day
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