Understand Your TikTok Advertising Audience

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The key to reaching your campaign goals is understanding your audience. Read on to increase your chances of hitting your campaign objectives using TikTok ads.

Who’s Using TikTok These Days?

If your target audience is literally everyone then I hate to break it to you but you’re on the wrong platform for advertising. The majority of people on TikTok fall into the Gen-Z and Millennial categories — in fact, 66% of all users were reported to be under the age of 30 back in 2020.

Understanding you have a younger audience can help identify what content stands out the most for your audience and how to build your campaigns. Through the power of Google, you can quickly uncover what is and isn’t trending with the younger audience these days and already save yourself a lot of budget.

TikTok users also have shorter attention spans and less time to give. How long does it take for you to determine whether you’re going to watch the rest of a 15-second video? Not even two seconds.

So How Do You Leverage Your Knowledge Of The Audience?

The first thing you need to do is capture the user’s attention. Fast. Have a poke around the platform and watch a few videos. Get to know what kind of videos catch your attention. Better yet, see what’s trending and get to know which videos your audience is pausing to watch. Now copy them.

Want more insight? Do some research on your audience. A quick google search on Gen-Z interests shows that they’re suckers for discounts. Proof. Now you know if you’re fishing for some sales, a discount could be the right bait. And all it took was a 20-second search.

With the right advertising approach, you could reach hundreds of thousands. A lot of work goes into advertising. Knowing what works isn’t just about understanding. It’s about testing, innovation and sometimes experience. If you’re really trying to hit the TikTok audience then a TikTok Advertising Agency could be for you. They do all the heavy lifting.

The first step to advertising on TikTok is to understand the audience. The more you understand your audience, the closer you will be to advertising success.