Upplabs Belongs to the Top 7% At Pangea

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UppLabs is proud to join the community of the global top 7% of software engineering vendors by Pangea!

During the last months, we went through a long and complex in-depth verification process to provide unparalleled transparency about our organization to the external universe of future hires and clients.

As a company that values transparency and honesty, the UppLabs team has been thinking about joining Pangea since last February. Why? Pangea gives the clients only true and verified information about every vendor presented on the portal. That builds additional trust and helps vendors to get a better reputation, supported and proved with the Pangea’s verification process. Which is hard to pass because it demands the engagement of every team member from the vendor’s side.

Eventually, this summer, UppLabs made a final decision to join Pangea. It will benefit both the team and the clients, as we will have a clear picture of the expectations, capacities, and opportunities.

We went through the hell verification process, and it made us stronger!

To be included in the elite group of the TOP 7% global software vendors, Pangea asks each company to submit lots of documentation. It includes:

  • Organizational Mapping: Here we provided detailed information on recruitment stats and metrics, business strategy, company culture, project metrics and technologies, certifications, awards, partners, etc.
  • Documentation
  • Team Health: Every team member should submit their answers about the company, the processes, relations, atmosphere, etc.
  • Client insights: Pangea asks for feedback from a minimum of 3 vendor clients.

The process of collecting data and gathering submissions lasted for more than a month. But, afterward, it was definitely worth it!

UppLabs is verified among the TOP 7% of the world’s software vendors

What is so special about UppLabs?

After our acceptance to Pangea, UppLabs can proudly say that we have raised the bar for the score, and our competitors will have hard times trying to meet the same standards as we did.

Clients’ insights about UppLabs

How did we achieve it? There are two unique features of UppLabs we cherish. And we do not talk about professional level, technical skills, or experience – these are apparent qualities. Talking about these special 2, we mean the company’s organizational structure and company’s values.

As you might know, UppLabs is a ‘Flat Company,’ which means less bureaucracy, more freedom (and responsibility), fewer ‘bosses,’ but more colleagues. We try to use minimum hierarchy and encourage every team member to actively participate in the company’s goals achievement. That’s why all of us understood the need to join Pangea, and did our best to get there as fast as possible and be maximum honest.

UppLabs’ values are the things most of us accepted when we got here. Here are the principles we follow:

  1. Communicate clearly and effectively with clients and colleagues
  2. Deliver TOP services
  3. Pursue growth and learning
  4. Do more with less

It helped us to gain and continue working with our current clients. We hope this will also allow us to get new clients and partners. Despite that being truly honest is very hard, especially with clients, we believe that most of them will appreciate this quality and understand its importance.

“UppLabs LLC excels at meeting deadlines and sticking to priorities. They’re genuinely interested and will make valuable suggestions beyond their specific project scope. As a team, UppLabs is responsive and consistently delivers quality work on time.” —Lori Barao, MMI Direct

Let’s build great software!

The core domains we provide our expertise for are Fintech, Healthcare, and Real Estate. Of course, in our portfolio, you can find more industries and cases: marketing, education, entertainment, etc. But being a ‘Jack of all trades’ is way more complicated than concentrating on what you love the most.

In our case, these are:


  • web and mobile development
  • money transactions platform engineering
  • online trading and exchange platform engineering
  • AI-based Fintech solutions
  • payment systems integration and optimization
  • existing services maintenance and modernization
  • custom IT solutions for financial business
  • custom IT solutions for financial business


  • data management solutions for hospitals and clinics
  • development of HIPAA-compliant and secure software
  • VR and AR healthcare software development
  • complex system integration with medical devices and medical software
  • custom healthcare web and mobile applications development for
    • symptoms identification and analysis;
    • systems that automatically connect users with a particular doctor;
    • staff and patient management systems in clinics;
    • health monitoring systems;
    • doctors’ marketplace;
    • online consultation systems.

Real estate

  • Real Estate platform development
  • property management systems
  • custom CRM platforms
  • MLS integration
  • vendor management software

It is a great honor to get included in the elite 7% of the world’s software vendors! With the verification process by Pangea, we recognized our unique propositions and some benefits we had never thought about before. But what is more important, those benefits now will be visible to our future clients.

The verified UppLabs’ profile on Pangea will also document our future progress and achievements. And we will do everything to meet future challenges and standards and get the best results for every project we get involved in! Our previous recognitions will keep the bar for us.

Check our scores and read our insights on Pangea! We are thrilled that you will see us among the best software development vendors!

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