Useful Instagram Features for Your Business

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Nevertheless, the various kinds of social media are trending. We are gonna focus on Instagram today.

If you are one of the Instagram addicts, with alluring features, you’ll know how enticing Instagram is. Starting from luxury brands to small businesses, everything was perfectly advertised on Instagram. So, how do you stand out among such unique competitors? The only thing is to make your business more extraordinary than others with the help of efficient Instagram features.

Despite many interesting functions, some of the most useful ones are listed below.

Close Friends

Let’s begin with one of the features called Close Friends.

This feature allows you to share exclusive content and service with VIP customers, so you can offer an exclusive discount or share information about a private event.

Allowing the audience to feel privileged, Close Friends will raise a good impression, higher value, and a sense of exclusivity on your products.


Before hiring any experts who will charge you a fortune to track your competitors and trends, you can easily save inspirations and researches which are advantages for the content creation of your own business by using this feature. Once you find something interesting while scrolling Instagram Feed, you can save directly without being notified which is quite legit.

Click the flag which is near the like and comment buttons to make a Collection. Then, it will take you to your saved posts and let you manage them into different categories. This feature benefits you as if you can find the references anytime you desire without losing them.

Voice Messaging Via DM

Have you ever tried voice messaging to customers?

Despite sliding through DMs to send a message which is quite traditional, you can engage your audience with a newly found feature: Voice Message DM.

Making them feel realistic about your business, this little number will bring you closer to the audience as if speech is the best way to touch the soul.

Don’t hesitate to make your ads audible with Voice Messaging! You can also try it in the radio-style ad.


Are you annoyed by seeing someone posting endlessly on Story?

It can be a pain in the neck to skip ’em when the next stories are ready to pop up, blowing most of your time.

This feature lets you avoid distraction and focus on the target audience whether you are an influencer or a business owner who is tracking the updates of competitors. Mute unwanted stories and posts which are out of your focus group without unfollowing them. This will help you maintain social communication and away from undesirable social disputes as well.


Provided you have difficulty capturing the attention of your audience on Instagram Feed, you are encouraged to use Share Function which will save your effort from being wasted.

Share your posts directly to your Story with the call-to-action of checking it out on your Profile. Enhance your post with stickers and other fun tools provided on Stories. This will arouse the interest of your audience and encourage ’em to check out the real thing on your Feed.

The purpose of using social media as a tool is to raise awareness about your brand and service. Of course, to approach your audience as well. The more engaging your posts get, the faster to increase Sales.

We hope this article benefits your business in order to achieve good traffic on your profile as well. See you in the next post!