[Video Presentation] The Lifecycle of a WordPress Project #WCEU18


A video presentation about the lifecycle of a WordPress project, focused particularly on project management, from the 2018 WordCamp Europe in Belgrade, Serbia.

WordPress is promoted as a tool to easily publish content, but on the other hand, development of these WordPress projects is a different and complicated story.

In this presentation, Neuralab’s CEO Krešimir Končić gives advice on handling the touch points of each project at the workshop – clients, designs, bugs, deadlines, customer support, etc. – and determines which factors affect the deliverable of a typical WP project.

There’ll be special emphasis on business risk mitigation with a WordPress project (not getting your money, breaking deadlines, adjusting budgets, making proper estimates, etc.).

The workshop will process the three major phases of each WordPress project: planning and preparation, project implementation, support after launch.

Watch the Full Video Below!