Virtual Dental Consultation: A Pandemic Proof Solution

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Expert Advice has many benefits and trusted by hundreds of dentists, it is the front runner when it comes to guiding dentists in virtual dental consultancy.

Be accessible to your patients with Expert Advice

Virtual dental consultation allows dentists to offer significant medical help. This innovative health care involves streaming and conferencing through wireless video communications of dental care, and one of the virtual dental consultation services breaking new grounds today is Expert Advice! A virtual dental consultation software developed only for dentists.

What is a virtual dental consultation?

It is a distant dental service giving patients medical care & solutions for their dental problems. All it takes is a video consultation to give a dentist’s specialized, quicker and better solutions to the ones with dental problems. The sole reason is to provide dental care for patients living in distant regions, for those who do not have access to dental offices in their regions and want to travel to take the treatment, patients can take second opinions and more.

How does virtual dental consultation work?

It’s an upfront and simple process. Patients who have already used this process have very positive reviews and have accepted this method as the best. It takes just a few simple steps.

  1. Patients visit the website and complete the registration process which includes a section with concerns and primary goals to be entered such as suspects of gum disease, a patient of veneers, Invisalign, or braces. In this section, the patient needs to enter all asked queries in detail.
  2. Pictures of the teeth will be uploaded by the patients. Some dentists even provide a simple-to-follow video with tips on the most proficient method to take photographs.
  3. Submit the request. A confirmation email will reach you as acknowledgment once the patients submit the details.

The detailed process of the system, follow here 

Shout out by dentists

You can take a look at Dr. Jake Williams’ website, a cosmetic dentist in El Paso who is offering free virtual consultation for his patients. You will notice a separate section something like the below-mentioned image where patients can submit the details. With the help of a pre-defined widget, Dr. Williams is putting CTA (call to action) to good use. His patients take a free video consultation before committing an appointment which helps both patients and dentists save time and money.

Many dentists used their social profiles to callout their patients to use virtual consultation available on their website.

Dr. Brent Call, a dentist in Scottsdale, AZ >>>

Dr. Charles Verbanic, a dentist in Liberty Township OH >>>

Dr. Keerthi Senthil, a dentist in Rancho Mirage CA >>>

Benefits of virtual dental consultation:

  • You will directly be in contact with their patients, thus promoting easy access and avoiding broken appointments.
  • As patients don’t have to come into the office as frequently, there will be lesser seat times. Your discussions can be virtual, and, subsequently, you can treat more patients every day.
  • You can choose to provide consultations: either from your home or from the office whichever suits you.
  • You have a scope to re-record so that the patients get the best presentations.
  • You can provide virtual consultations to patients whenever and wherever.
  • After surgeries, patients don’t have to visit your office for their check-ups. You can simply connect with them virtually.
  • Dentists can choose the number of consultations for the day.
  • Another biggest benefit to dental specialists is that you can interface with patients in distant areas.
  • This builds your span and number of patients.

Key Features of Expert Advice:

  • HIPAA Complaint patient communications
  • Both LIVE and recorded consultations
  • Multiple Follow up consultations from the safety of your home
  • Connect with your existing patients and screen them for dental emergencies safely
  • Open the doors for new potential patients
  • Build trust, sympathy and confidence
  • Post Covid-19 Advantages
  • Be the first contact and make a good first impression
  • Showcase your expertise and skills to help your patients choose YOU
  • Flatter your patients with your knowledge and sell big cases
  • Avoid no shows and maximize your chair time
  • Save time and money
  • Easy-to-Use: Connect using any smartphone, tablet, or computer – cloud-based, with no installation required

Take away

Expert Advice has many benefits and trusted by hundreds of dentists, it is the front runner when it comes to guiding dentists in virtual dental consultancy. Expert Advice is now making the virtual experience as good as an in-office experience with personalized videos.

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