Virtual eCommerce Summit — Boost Your Sales Event Emails in 6 Steps

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Chronos Agency’s Co-Founder and CEO Josh Chin talked about the 6-step email marketing sequence framework in Nick Shack’s virtual eCommerce Summit.

May 27, 2020—A Virtual eCommerce summit was hosted by Nick Shack which saw the gathering of some of the titans of the eCommerce. In this event, they shared their experiences, insights, and strategies they picked up along their journeys. Here’s a quick overview of Chronos Agency’s Co-Founder and CEO Joshua Chin’s presentation on his 2020 Strategy for Scaling eCommerce Email.

Some of the masterminds and thought leaders who attended the virtual summit were Oliver Kenyon (Conversion Rates Wizard), Savannah Sanchez (Facebook and Snapchat ads authority), Alex Brown (Business Growth Accelerator), and many more!

In case you missed the event, you can get the replays of the Virtual eCommerce Summit by following this link

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Josh’s Virtual eCommerce Summit Presentation on His Tried-and-True Email Strategy for Sales Events

During the virtual eCommerce summit, Josh reintroduced the tested-and-proven framework he and his Chronos team used in 2019’s Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) sales event. Dubbed as “The 6-Step Email Marketing Sequence,” it helped us increase our clients’ revenue by 350%—within the span of the 7-day event! In fact, that was also the week when Chronos Agency generated a skyrocketing total of $831K for our clients.

While this 6-step framework did wonders during BFCM, that doesn’t mean it’s a strategy that only works for that specific event. Josh emphasized that this sales event email strategy is a versatile framework. This means that it can easily be adopted into other sales events as well—with promising results nonetheless!

Here’s a brief overview of the 6 steps of this framework Josh presented:

Step 1: Build Hype

Prepare your audience to your brand’s upcoming sales event! Notifying your customers before an impending sale helps them get into the mood rather than taking them by surprise.

Aside from just making them aware of the sale, this strategy also gives your customers enough of a head start to save up for your big sale!

Step 2: Build Your Priority List (VIP List)

Ready your VIP segment lists! Focus on the customers who have been buying your products regularly, especially at non-discounted prices. This way, you can funnel your special promo emails on your VIPs—making your loyalty programs more cost-efficient and more rewarding.

Step 3: Priority Launch

Let your VIPs skip the long metaphorical line by giving them an exclusive early sale launch! By doing so, you’re giving your VIPs the value they deserve. Solidify their loyalty and remind them that they are a very important part of your brand’s development and that they deserve special treatment.

Step 4: Main Launch

This is when your big sale event is officially open to your general audience! Use everything you’ve learned, and utilize the best strategies born out of your brutal A/B testing to reap the maximum rewards.

Speaking of AB Testing, this is something you’re expected to conduct over the whole year. During your main launch, there’s not much room for testing. There’s only room to replicate your best results by applying everything you’ve learned from all the brutal testing.

Step 5: Send Social Reminders

Your customers are well into your sale event, so what more can you do to maximize your sales? Answer—send your customers social proof and reviews of your discounted products!

Here’s why showing social proof plays an important role during sale events. Even during sales, some customers will still have doubts about what they’ve set out to buy. When you include reviews and stories from customers who bought those specific products, it’s like adding that additional layer of assurance for your current buyers.

Step 6: Sales Closing

Send reminders to your customers that your special sale is ending soon! Creating a sense of urgency may just be that final nudge some of your customers need to finally make up their minds and push through with their purchases.

Here’s a bonus tip: Some brands announce a surprise sales extension. However, don’t overuse this strategy, just use it sparingly. It works like a charm!

Remember—this sales event email strategy isn’t exclusive to the BFCM sale. You can apply this framework to any other sales event and also get maximum returns from those!

Email Marketing Automation is Your Best Friend During Sales Too

Maximize on your high-quality customer acquisition! With email marketing automation, you can efficiently boost your conversion rates as well as your overall email ROI.

Build your customer relationships right by familiarizing yourself with the different tools and software you can use to send relevant, timed, and triggered emails to your subscribers.

So, how well do you have your customer journey covered? Email automation covers your flanks and in turn earns you higher-quality conversions in the long run.

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And just in case you missed it above, here are the recordings of all the speakers.