Web Design Trends 2021

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Your website should be attractive enough to grab the attention of potential customers. Let’s discuss web design trends in 2021.

Every business, regardless of size, needs an online presence today. To do this, you need a website that widely spreads the details about your business, irrespective of geographical boundaries and boundaries. To do this, your website should be attractive enough to attract the attention of potential customers or investors. A simple, effortless website design will not be enough. One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your website is to follow the latest web design trends. You need to hire the best web designer available who has adequate knowledge about the web design trends of 2021 and can help you create the most appropriate website for your company!

If you wonder about giving your quaint little website an upgrade, a website design company in Bhubaneswar offers web design services in India. Look into the design trends to stay popular in 2021, select your favourite, consult with the best web designer you can find, and get ready for a new, trendy, and captivating look for your website.

NTSPL offers the following website design services which can adhere to the web design trends of 2021.

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To help you know about the best website designs, we have put together a list of the latest web design trends of 2021 that you can choose from:

  1. Embrace the Retro Roots: Quite a few times, when history repeats itself, it does not bode well with the general taste and preferences of the age. We often go back to certain dated items, which turn out to be uncool, while a few others might stick around. Using them for your captions, sub-headings and for content that needs to be highlighted to quickly attract attention works great. Additionally, it is becoming more and more dominant and replacing graphics. It came into the picture when large and bold fonts were used in web page design. These modern takes on the retro fonts are part of the web design trends of 2021.
  2. Play With Augmented Reality (AR): With the world reaching new and advanced technological heights, web designing has also undergone drastic changes. It has become more attractive to the eyes and can also give the audience a more engaging experience. This has been possible due to the use of augmented reality or AR in web designing. Like the various gaming companies, web designing has also incorporated AR into their prospective realm. You can spot the use of augmented reality on Google Earth and quite a few other prominent company websites. Only the best web designer with extraordinary creative taste can design and develop them.
  3. Dark Mode is Here to Stay: Recently, phone users have been fascinated and obsessed with dark mode. It is easy on the eye, offers an entirely different aesthetic form, and can make any colour and style pop out against the dark background. For most designers, black background is ideal for dark mode, while many others have experimented with dark blue, red, purple, and other tones. Since it is a recent discovery and has fared well with the public, it is presently one of the latest web design trends.
  4. Muted Color Palettes can Steal the Deal: Pastel colours have gained much popularity in recent times. Many designers worldwide have opted for soothing, summery, pastel shades over the bright and bold solid tones. This style has also affected the web design trends of 2021 and has won over plenty of audiences. Many websites combine both pastel and bright shades to create a quirky amalgamation. For your website, you can take a hint from the Pantone Colors of 2021 and create a website design focusing on the Illuminating Yellow and the Ultimate Gray.
  5. Intriguing 3D Visuals: 3D diagrams and other visuals have been the talk of the town for a long time now. Due to the emergence of high-resolution screens in your phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops, websites have also started incorporating 3D visuals into their design. These multidimensional illustrations add a fun and lively element to the designs and capture your viewers’ attention.
  6. Book-like Horizontal Scrolling: Every reader loves to hold an actual book in his hands while reading. The turning of the pages gives a much-needed adrenaline rush, and this is the probable reason for the comeback of the horizontal scrolling style of web design. You can find the use of horizontal scroll boards in Google Play Store and many more brands. They look classy and add a definitive style to the website.
  7. Design Your Custom Cursor: With help from the best website designer, you can now design your very own cursors and give your website and unique touch. Most of the time, designers rule out custom cursors as they focus more on other designing aspects. But a simple change in the cursor image can make quite a difference in the viewer’s mind. It is one of the favoured styles in the latest web design trends.
  8. Cartoon Illustrations Will Never Go Out of Style: Nowadays, web pages are searched by different devices and platforms. By putting vector illustrations on the page, you get the same excellent image quality on each device. In order to optimize the size of the page loading, it has become a trend to use vector illustrations that avoid images whenever possible. These vector images can exude a general sense of positivity. Make use of the web design services in India and get yourself a website that attracts crowds from all age groups.
  9. The Gaussian Blur: If you have a penchant for soothing, minimalist design trends, you should check out the ever-popular Gaussian Blur. It adds a light and soft swirl of colours in the background without making it loud or too bright for the eyes. This web design trend of 2021 goes well with almost any typography and lends an aesthetic touch to the website.
  10. Add a Sense of Depth with Parallax Animations: Parallex animations are a way to add depth and dimensionality to 2D digital screens. Best web designers use this technique to convert the flat pixels to look alive and like real objects. Behind the illusion are the visual elements moving at different speeds. Some are moving faster than the other, or some are not moving at all. However, utilizing this animation must come with some awareness because too much movement within the design can cause harm to people with vestibular disorders.
  11. Interact with Your Customers with Scrolling Transformations: As the name suggests, scroll transformations is a super effective way to animate webpages. It enable users to engage and interact with your website by digesting as much or as little of the content of your website as they want, by focusing on a good scrolling experience. This one is another web design trends of 2021. Scrolling works with motion parallax. When the user moves parallel to two objects, the objects move at different speeds. The closer the object appears to move faster, the further away the object appears to move more slowly. This psychological effect creates a special depth perception for the viewer. Visuals have the power to attract and distract visitors. But scrolling transformations can not only attract visitors but also interest them further. With the right use, you can enhance the user experience. They are all-time trends and are one of the most creative interactive latest web design trends.
  12. Go Rebel with Asymmetrical Layouts: Asymmetrical layouts are always stealing the limelight, grabbing attention and provoking thoughts. But it is not something that every best web designers love to use or can incorporate successfully in a website. But it’s not something difficult to do, but requires a little creativity. At present, asymmetrical layouts are working great with minimalistic designs because the presence of much space makes it easy for the designers to balance asymmetrical patterns.
  13. Stay Simple with Minimalist Designs: Minimalist designs are not just simple visually, but also in their requisites. Most of the best web designers prefer minimalist designs because of the less use of resources but a great sense of visuals. It is a popular trend among web developers when they want to build a fast website without compromising on graphics and looks. Carefully applied minimalist principles can help create attractive websites with fewer elements, simplifying and improving the online experience for users.
  14. Abstract Designs and Shapes: Abstract designs and shapes are the trendiest web designs of the present day. With simple shapes, bold colours and random lines, you will be surprised to see how it is able to express emotions, capture ideas and attract visitors to the site. It requires some creativity and balance to make a visually appealing website with abstract designs and shapes.
  15. Say Bye to Flat Colours with Gradient Color Scheme: Flat colours are now a thing of the past for some designers, as they have learned the way to ideally incorporate gradient colour schemes. Using gradients, web designers can express their ideas freely, with the subtle transition between pairs of basic colours. Gradients provide improvisation and various styles, which flat colours cannot. Smart use of colour gradients to replace background graphics is a new trend as they replaced background images and made websites much smoother.
  16. Text As Art: Typography in a web design is underrated but an integral part of every website. Best web designers use different styles and forms to convert the web design to something more visually appealing and exciting. But either it is large blocks or intricate italics, the trick here to follow is whether it will be functional in a responsive website design.
  17. Micro Interaction: Micro-interactions are indeed small details in a website but make no mistake, they are not insignificant. These simple animations enhance the browsing experience of the users. With the micro-interaction, one would notice that a site feels lifeless and dull.
  18. Isometric Illustration: Isometric illustrations are always easy on the eyes and can be used to convert flat compositions to 3D visuals. Since it allows 3D viewing in a 2D space, it can be used in technical illustrations, retro-inspired designs or city scenes.


These are some of the most coveted and sought-after web design trends of 2021. You need the help of specialized web designers who can bring these designs to life. Currently, it is not difficult to find reputable companies that offer web design services in India. NTSPL is a renowned website design company in Bhubaneswar that provides you with the best website designer available. For over a decade, NTSPL has been delivering some of the great-looking websites that follow the trends. Today, NTSPL serves customers PAN India with a team of the best web designers.