Web Design Trends to Follow 2020-2021

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Futuristic website design is the way to dominate in 2020-2021. So, get ready. It’s finally the time to make some massive changes to your website.

Thousands of websites are going live every day throwing massive competition against you. In such a scenario, you need to look out for ways that make you stand tall among competitors. So, have you thought about maintaining an online presence? It might sound like you have to do a lot of work. But, in reality, you only need to activate your creativity mode. Futuristic website design is the way to dominate in 2020-2021. So, get ready. It’s finally the time to make some massive changes to your website.

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Virtual Chatbox

Get your website a virtual chatbox immediately. In 2020, these chatboxes are going to do more than managing basic or initial interaction. Advance chatbox integration will function like Facebook messenger so you can interact with your visitors in detail and possibly solve queries right away. Business owners or organizations that want to respond to the clients without wasting a minute will get the most benefit of virtual chatboxes.

3D Design and Typography

This factor lets you be as creative as you want to be. Using fun 3D elements such as illustrations and animations don’t only enhance user experience but allow you to showcase your creativity level as well. Also, don’t hesitate to use AR/VR as it boosts the website’s beauty and creates a larger impact on the visitors.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

The New Year is all about making interactions quicker and easier. So, gather as much information as you can about voice user interface or VUI. It makes humans and computers possible and efficient. Around 40 million users ask their AI assistants like Apple iOS or Siri to do day-to-day tasks. Its safe to say that with VUI, web searching is going to be advance in the coming years. Hence, implementing VUI features like Customer Journey Maps on the website would be an innovative change in the tech world. Moreover, with the help of VUI, you can improve interaction, provide primary information and create voice ID login to recognize the user’s voices when they sign up next time.

Data-Centric Website

Before you start designing, double-check the type of data it is going to cover. It will save you from future hassles. Keep the focus of users on the important data points so that you can capture their attention. This way, you can also keep the visitors engaged.

Enable Tracking

Are you the kind of person who evaluates their progress? If not, then understand that evaluation is a must. All successful individuals map their progress to remain successful throughout their careers. One of the essential trends of 2020 is an evaluation too. So, make sure that the design lets you track your or client’s progress. Therefore, consider certain indicators such as conversion or traffic in mind when you begin website designing. Here you can opt for affordable web design services.

Mobile Preference with Vector Graphics

Earlier, when Google announced that it would score mobile-friendly designs, web designers started to make mobile-friendly websites. Now, their focus has been shifted to make websites more advance with the help of top-notch visual content to keep the visitors engaged. Therefore, start using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) if you haven’t already. These vector images change their size according to the size of the screen without compromising the graphic quality. SVGs guarantees constant quality with promising mobile performance.

Final Word

Website design trends go through certain changes after every one or two years. Being a designer, it is essential to stay on top of the latest happenings in the tech world and create stunning website designs.