Web Portal Development: A Complete Guide for 2020

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Web portals should be developed for making it easily accessible, usable and shareable. So, It is important to plan your development cost and provider of the website.

The evolution of the internet has transformed everything. Today, the unavoidable need for web portal development services affirms its effectuality.

Today, the development of the web portal implies more than just development. It s a virtual impression that fosters the business’ needs. More importantly, it includes key processes like planning and design, which create the appearance, layout and style that users see; and development, which brings this imagery to life as a functioning web tool.

What Is a Web Portal?

A web portal means a specifically designed website. It usually offers direct access to information. In other words, it’s a library of a closely personalized and categorized content. By including web designs and morphing them into an interactive website, it makes it purposeful.

Important Points for Web Portal Development in 2020

Website development gives existence and objectivity to your static designs. It enables users to access the information on the website by their web browsers. Successful website design and development are all about the right preparation, and the resulting website usually forms the foundation for opted results. So, make sure you understand your users’ needs, and that you’re building on a strong base. Let’s dive into the article for everything you need to know.

Step 1: Need a Domain

Let’s start, you need to get a domain name for your web portal. It means you need a name, that people search to access your information. For example, the website xyz.com would be your domain name. The user will search the same to access every information on the website.
There you are paying an annual fee for registering the name to use. But it is just a name, you are just registering as a business name. It does not offer you a website. The domain would only allow you to name the website you create in the future. You may buy it through the agency providing web portal design services.

Step 2: Web Hosting and Sign Up

Here, you require to sign up for a web host account. A web host means numerous computers are connected to the Internet. So, once web pages place on these computers, every web user would be able to access it.
Usually, some various aspects need to consider before choosing a web host. In this, you must use SSL for your new websites.
A site using SSL has a web address that starts with “https://” instead of “http://.After signing up for a web hosting account, you are required to point the domain name to the same location.

Step 3: Web Page Design

The design happens just before development. Now, the web portal designer is to transform the wireframes with basic planning materials to efficiently designed layouts.
Web design means a process of developing visual aspects of the required interface. It covers the color scheme, layout, logos, type, images, design elements, etc. The web is actively one visual medium. So, here its important to employ quality web portal design services The reason is to design a quality asset that would be engaging and effective.
You must consider the technical aspects of web portal design when you want to prioritize the human factor – digital properties need to be more than just beautiful. You need to lead website development services and direct them to design a web site giving a good experience for the visitor and obtaining business objectives.

Step 4: Development

Now it comes to a core segment. After the expected design, you need to develop your website. The development segment kicks in when the design is completed.
Normally, the web developer uses their design templates for coding of the website by the chosen front-end language. Furthermore, CMS considerations and server-side development may also be considered.

Step 5: Testing and Launch

Once you completed the proposed web portal beautifully, skillfully, now, it’s a time testing it and making it live. It is an important step in website development and design.
Rather, it should take place throughout the process of planning, designing and building, leaving (quality assurance) QA test before making it live. You need to consider real potential users as the test subjects. These must not be developer team members.
The best web development company is usually actively engaged in quality development. So, it tests it on all devices and common browsers for making it sure that it works and looks the same as it across all of them.

What Is the Cost of Developing a Web Portal?

Web Portal Hosting Cost

The cost of website hosting may range between $5 to more than thousands per month. It completely depends on the visitor’s number. You may choose between shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. All have different costs.


It implies the File Transfer Protocol that enables managing website files. This would swell up to $50.


A template normally costs between $500 – $1,500 depending on the features. In the case of a custom-designed web portal, it may touch $10000.

Web Developer Cost

US developer: $100-$120 per hour.
Europe developer: $80-$100 per hour.
Asian developer: $60-80 per hour.

Word Press Plugins

It depends on the requirements of plugins.
Now, choosing the best web development company, the budget for developing a quality web portal would be between $500 and $5000. The price may be lower with less functional web portal or go higher with complexity.


Successful websites rely on robust planning with a sincere focus on the needs of the user’s needs. The web portals should be developed for making it easily accessible, usable and shareable.
So, It becomes important to plan your development cost as well as the provider of website development services with every technological advancement for purposeful effort. After all, websites are the first thing we think of when talking about the Internet.